Starter Kits

This is a simple and easy way to start vaping.  

starter kits, Mods & pod systems 

All Personal Vaporizers (PV) are the highest quality vapes from well known brand like Aspire, Joyetech, Smok, etc...

  • Pod Style
    Wide range of shapes and sizes. Extremely easy to use. Low power vapes, great with high concentration eLiquid. The pods are replaceable and include the coil which sometimes is itself replaceable.
  • Pen Style
    Smaller, simpler to use vapes - less powerful than our vapes. Most Pen style devices include the full kit (include an internal battery cell and an atomizer). Their shape often resembles that of a pen.
  • APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) Style
    vapes are bigger, they can include an internal battery or use replaceable cell. vapes can use any atomizers - the choice is yours - though we provide recommendations for each product to help new vapor's  vapes are more concerned about features and power than simplicity.