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*WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical and habit forming. Keep out of reach of children. This product is intended for use by adults 21 or older, and not by children and women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Nicotine Concentrations: 5% salt nicotine by weight

Disposable Vape Features:

  • Disposable Device
  • 5% nicotine
  • 1 Device per package
  • 1.8mL of e-liquid
  • 380mAh battery capacity
  • Not rechargeable

Air Bar Vape Flavors:

Blueberry Ice:

Enjoy a delightfully delectable concoction made from freshly picked blueberries, created to satisfy your palate with a kick of freshness. Created with you in mind, each of these blends is medium-bodied, made with 50mg of the finest SaltNic formula. 

Sour Apple:

The great thing about the Sour Apple blend is that it delivers a satiating taste of the Granny Smith apples without overpowering the palate. Indulge in 50mg of nicotine, synthesized to render a medium-bodied vaping essence from start to finish. 


Peach is a sweet, tenderhearted blend of saccharine, ripened peaches delivered right to your taste buds. Each blend is tastefully medium-bodied.


Delight yourself in a combination of the ripest oranges, mangoes, and grapefruits. Enjoy Air Bar mild vaping session without worrying about overriding your senses!


The immersion in the sweet, tropical essence of the ripened mango is exactly what this blend provides. This tender blend will treat your senses with optimal gentleness.

Vape Watermelon Ice:

Here, freshness is combined with the sweet essence of the watermelon to titillate your senses. This mild-bodied blend is the best treatment for a sensitive palate.

Disposable Vape Lemonade:

From start to finish, bring back a sweet and sour blend of Lemonade for a treat to your senses. It's gentle on the palate, too, with strokes that treat the cravings right!

What is an Air Bar Disposable? 

As you know, vaping is a recreational activity that is very popular across the United States. Vapes contain a flavored e-liquid that may cause different effects when vaporized. Vapes are easier to find these days. Vapes can be purchased from local smoke shops and online vape shops, which has increased the variety of vapes available. 

There are all sorts of vapes to meet different preferences. Disposable vapes are a popular option, and in this article, we are reviewing one of the best out there. Before diving into those details, let's look at what sets disposable vapes apart from other vapes, mainly referred to as vape cartridges. 

Disposable vapes are ideal for many reasons. First, they serve as a quick vaping method. Vape cartridges must be filled and refilled. But this is different with most disposable vapes. Disposable vapes are already filled with e-liquid when you buy them. Next, some vapes are rechargeable, while most disposable vapes are not. The rechargeable feature is a plus if you want to enjoy a vape without the intention of reusing it. Disposable vapes serve as short-term solutions and are to be safely discarded once empty. 

Those who value ease and convenience would enjoy disposable vapes, and many are available on the market. There are disposable vapes with different styles, flavors, and quality. It may be tricky when choosing what is best for you. 

One of the best disposables is the Air Bar vape. Air Bar vapes are disposable vape pens by Suorin, a brand known for top-shelf vaping products that cater to various vape preferences. Air Bars are pre-filled with flavored e-liquid to reduce time spent assembling your device and more time enjoying the vape juice. Air Bar vapes have many features that give them an edge over other disposables. 

This article will provide details on the Air vape disposable, including key features, Airbar flavors, the best Air Bar price, and where to buy it. It's time to swap your basic disposable vape for one of the best disposable vapes available today!

The Appearance of Air Bar Disposable 

Disposable vapes should deliver a quick, convenient, and enjoyable vaping experience. A flawless design is a much-appreciated bonus. Disposable vapes are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The appearance of a disposable vape is the first thing you notice about it, so looks are important! The design of a disposable vape can determine its functionality, how comfortable it is to use, whether you can bring it with you on the go, and how discreet it is. Plus, who doesn't want a vape that functions well and looks stylish in the process?

Design is one of the top features of the Air Bar vape. Air Bars are small and modern and fit in your hand comfortably. The Air Bar vape also features a curved mouthpiece to avoid tooth irritation. Airs Bars slightly mimic cigarettes in their appearance. Air Bars may be a potential alternative for some looking to quit cigarettes. 

Each Air Bar vape also features the vape style name 'Air Bar' on the body of the vape, making it difficult to replicate these disposable vapes. Air Bar vapes are also available in an array of bold, bright colors. Each Air Bar flavor is paired with a different color device. 

How Do Air Bar Disposables Work?

Another top quality of Air Bar vapes is their easy-to-use nature. Whether you are new to vaping or familiar with vaping, the Air Bar vape can be used easily by anyone, no matter your vaping experience level. This quality of the Air Bar vape helps to simplify the vaping experience – making it easy to enjoy the act of vaping without the stress of preparing the device before use or remembering any tricky activation methods. So, how does the Air Bar vape work exactly? 

The Air Bar disposable contains e-liquid when first purchased, and the battery is at a full charge, so you can begin using it immediately. Unlike some disposables, the Air Bar disposable does not include an activation button. This disposable is draw-activated, so you must inhale from the mouthpiece to release the e-liquid. This safety feature helps to prevent powering on the device unintentionally and helps to conserve the battery. The Air Bar makes vaping easier to enjoy. Eliminating the need for preparation, the mess that comes with it, and the worry of running out of battery before e-liquid are no longer concerns with the Air Bar. 

Battery Life and Build 

A disposable vape must have good battery life to deliver a high-quality experience. 

The Air Bar disposable has a 380mAh battery capacity and holds about 1.8mL of e-liquid. So this battery is more than enough to power the device. Battery life and build are imperative because they impact the overall vaping experience. If you have ever used a disposable vape with poor battery life, you know that it often results in wasted e-liquid. 

The Air Bar vape disposables are quality-made vapes that are built to last. You can expect each puff to be full and flavorful down to the last drop. Air Bar vapes are not rechargeable, so the device must be discarded once the battery is done. Air Bar vapes can last anywhere from a week to a few weeks, depending on how often it is used and whether care instructions are followed thoroughly. 

E-liquid Capacity and Draw Quality

When designing the Air Bar, draw quality was a priority for Suorin. Draw quality refers to what it's like to hit the vape. Some disposable vapes are smooth to hit, while some may include inconsistent or weak puffs. A disposable vape must not only look great and have excellent flavor, but it simply needs to be functional. You get both of these qualities in the Air vape disposable. 

The e-liquid included in this device, and the drawing quality are two other features that make the Air Bar disposable great. There is 1.8mL of e-liquid in the Air Bar disposable, which is not the most e-liquid you can get in a disposable, but the unique, robust e-liquid flavors available in the Air Bar disposable set it apart from the rest. Some disposable vapes may include good-flavored e-liquid, but the disposable may need better draw quality. Poor draw quality makes it difficult to release all of the e-liquid or get satisfying hits. Suorin kept this in mind when designing Air Bar disposable vapes. Air Bar vapes have a high draw quality to match their premium e-liquid flavors. The Air Bar vape is draw-activated and features a mouthpiece that is more gentle to use. The draw activation feature, paired with the battery in these devices, gives the Air Bar an impressive draw quality. 

Best Air Bar Flavors List : 

Now it's time for the part you have been waiting for— Air Bar flavors! If there is one thing that makes a vape enjoyable, it's the flavor. There are five best Air Bar flavors that anyone would enjoy. You can find these Air Bar flavors at VapeMoreInc, your one-stop shop for vaping products. 

Banana Pineapple 

Enjoy two tropical fruit favorites in this Air Bar flavor fusion of Banana and Pineapple. This Air Bar flavor combines banana and pineapple, taking you a step closer to that getaway you've been daydreaming about. 

Grape Ice 

If you love the grape flavor as much as we do, you will love Grape Ice. Grape Ice is an Air Bar disposable flavor filled with sweet and refreshing grapes and a splash of ice for that chill factor.  

Pineapple Ice 

You can never have enough pineapple. Pineapple Ice singles out that tropical, sweet pineapple flavor you know and love, topped with an icy finish. 

Watermelon Candy 

You can now enjoy one of your favorite summer fruits in a disposable vape. Watermelon Candy is another popular Air Bar disposable flavor that gives you the sweetness of watermelon with a splash of fruit candy flavor. 

Watermelon Ice 

If you want even more watermelon goodness, there is Watermelon Ice, another popular Air Bar flavor. Watermelon Ice singles out that watermelon flavor topped with an icy finish. 

What makes VapeMoreInc the best place to buy Air Bar Disposable Vapes?

Shopping online for vaping essentials is at an all-time high. Buying disposable vapes online is a double win. Nothing beats the convenience of a disposable vape, and not having to leave your home to enjoy it is the cherry on top. 

VapeMoreInc is an online shop that sells all things vaping-related! This is the go-to place for premium, quality vape products, from all the best vapes to accessories that will level up your experience. VapeMoreInc is the best place to buy your Air Bar disposables. The team with the best brands to make more legitimate vaping products accessible online. So not only are the Air Bars vape disposables at VapeMoreInc legitimate, but their Air Bar price is also affordable. 

They also accept wholesale orders! Shop owners can visit VapeMoreInc to add the Air Bar disposable to their selection with an easy sign-up process. VapeMoreInc also offers 10% off first orders. Visit VapeMoreInc for the best Air Bar vape price and the best Air Bar vape flavors.

Air Bar Disposable - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Air Bar a good vape? 

If you are looking for a good quality vape, then the Air Bar is the perfect fit. The Air Bar brand is generally considered high quality, known for creating various vapes that check off all the right boxes. The Air Bars vape disposable is designed to give you the best vaping experience possible by addressing some common issues associated with disposable vapes, like draw quality. From design and functionality to the many Air Bar flavors you can choose, the Air Bar vape is a good choice for beginner and expert vape users. 

How strong is an Air Bar? 

The Air Bar includes 1.8 mL of nic salt e-liquid with 5% nicotine. These devices are strong enough to buzz you without being overly intoxicated. The draw from the Air Bar is solid and flavorful, thanks to the 380mAh battery capacity included in each device.

Despite this generalization, remember that the Airbar disposable vape may affect users differently. It is advised to start with only a few hits of the Air vape to decide if you enjoy the effects. 

Are Air Bar disposables safe?

Safety should always be the top concern when vaping. Like all vapes, Air Bar disposables should be used responsibly. It is advised to read the instructions before using the device and follow the storage instructions carefully. These disposables should be enjoyed in moderation as they contain nicotine, an intoxicating chemical that, in many cases, can be addictive. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid operating heavy machinery while using Air Bars vape disposables. Likewise, avoid using Air Bar disposables if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you experience any undesirable side effects, please discontinue using the device. 

What does an Air Bar do to you? 

It's essential to consider the effects of Air Bars before giving them a try. This disposable vape may impact everyone differently. The Air Bar vape contains nicotine, a stimulating chemical that can be felt in the brain and body when used. Air Bar disposables are considered mildly intoxicating. There is just enough nicotine in the Air Bar to give you a little buzz.

How many hits is an Air Bar disposable? 

Puff count is one of the top features we look for in an excellent disposable vape. The Air Bar disposable contains more puffs than your average disposable vape. The Air Bar disposable holds 1.8mL of flavored e-liquid. There are about 500 hits per Air Bar disposable vape.

How many cigarettes are in an Air Bar? 

Vaping is considered an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Vapes are made with a set amount of flavored e-liquid and nicotine. The Air Bar disposable vape has a slim look similar to a cigarette, so some may compare this device to a lighter version of a cigarette. A single Air Bar disposable vape is equivalent to roughly a pack of cigarettes, typically containing about 20 cigarettes. So, instead of smoking a full package of cigarettes, you could enjoy Air Bars vape disposables, which contain less nicotine and has flavor. But by no means is Air Bar similar to cigarettes at all.

How do you smoke an Air Bar? 

Smoking an Air Bar vape is slightly different from most disposable vapes. These vapes contain two parts– the base of the device you hold and the mouthpiece you use to draw out the flavored vapor. Air Bar disposables include a modern feature known as draw activation. Instead of pressing a button on the base of the device to release the e-liquid, you inhale from the mouthpiece. Draw activation is a feature that gives the vape user more control when puffing. This feature is also a safety bonus that helps to avoid spilled or wasted e-liquid and potentially accidentally heating the pen when you are not using it. 

How do you hit an Air Bar? 

Finding your vaping technique is one of the most important parts of vaping. While there is only one correct way to use the device, you must still find a way to hit the device comfortably. Vaping aims to take full puffs from the vape without inhaling too deeply. Vaping this way will help you to avoid harsh throat hits and coughing fits.

How long do air bars last?

As you should know, disposable vapes are designed to serve as a short-term vaping method. So, there will come a time when you need to replace your Air Bar vape with a new one. An Air Bar's duration depends significantly on how often you use it. The Airbar vape typically lasts between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how frequently you vape. 

Can you refill an Air Bar? 

You can discard an Air Bar disposables once empty. You might wonder if the devices can be refilled once they are empty. Some disposable vapes can be refilled when opened very carefully, though this is not advised. Refilling an Air Bar disposable vape could potentially damage the device by prying it open, and filling it with an incompatible e-liquid could be damaging. Once your Air Bar vape is empty, it is best to discard the device to avoid any safety issues. 

Do Air Bars have nicotine? 

Air Bars contain a small percentage of nicotine. Nicotine is a potentially addictive chemical primarily known for its presence in tobacco products. There is 5% nicotine per Air Bar vape disposable. 

How much do Air Bars cost? 

If you search multiple vape shops, you might find different prices for the Air Bar disposable.

Generally, you will notice that this disposable vape is quite affordable. We recommend buying from VapeMoreInc, an online seller with legitimate products for a reasonable price. You can purchase an Air Bar vape in multiple flavors today from VapeMoreInc for an unbeatable price of $10 without stepping foot in your local smoke shop. 

Where to buy an Air Bar vape at the best price?

VapeMoreInc is a one-stop online shop for vaping products, including the Air Bar vape. VapeMoreInc is the best place to get your Air Bar vape for the best price. They offer legitimate Air Bar vapes for an affordable price and a good selection of Airbar vape flavors.

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    Posted by Lynn on Mar 25th 2023

    I ordered a few different flavors and enjoyed them all

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    Great quality. Fast shipping. Always satisfied. Been ordering for about 3 months from them. You will be thankful you found them.

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    Great company great product easy communication!!

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