One of the great things about portable vaping is the amount of customization that can take place with your device. Being able to try different materials or tanks used to be limited to large, box mod style vaporizers. As time went on, companies figured out ways to make portable vaping a more personal experience for consumers. After some initial awkwardness between vape battery companies and their tank and pre-filled cartridge counterparts, a universal thread was agreed upon to open up the market for more battery and tank/cartridge combinations.

The 510-threaded battery is now the “universal” battery for vape pens, giving you a ton of options for on-the-go vaping. Vaporizer companies have been able to house variable voltage batteries inside their 510 thread to allow for both flavor-centric sessions and cloud chasing opportunities.

A 510-threaded battery that is equipped with a variable voltage battery will usually feature a voltage range of 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts, which is the correct voltage for most cartridges. Often times you’ll see “mAh” listed as a feature for vape pen batteries. This is an acronym for “milliampere-hour”, which basically just means battery life. A standard 300mAh battery should last you an entire day.