DAZZii BAR 510 Cartridge Concealable VV 450mAh PreHeat OLED Screen Battery

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DAZZii BAR 510 Cartridge Concealable VV 450mAh PreHeat OLED Screen Battery

DAZZLEAF DAZZii BAR 510 Cartridge Concealable VV 450mAh PreHeat OLED Screen Battery. With its sleek and stylish bar-style body, DAZZii BAR is designed to be as stealthy as possible, allowing you to enjoy your favorite oils without unwanted attention. DAZZii BAR can easily adjust the voltages using the auto draw or bottom power button to your preferences. The OLED Screen can quickly tell the voltage/battery/puffs when you use it. With a powerful 450mAh battery and Type C fast charging port, you can enjoy extended vaping sessions without worrying about running out of power. Also incredibly versatile, DAZZii BAR is compatible with most 510 cartridges up to 2mL. The DAZZii BAR has four variable voltage settings: preheat mode, OLED Screen, short circuits, and overcharging protection. 


510 Cartridge Concealable 450mAh Pre-Heat OLED Screen Battery
Auto Draw Or Power Button For Convenience
Compact Pocket Size: Φ28 x 111mm
Weight: 40.5g 
OLED Screen with Removable Magnetic Bottom
Cartridge Size: 14mm*68mm (Fits most 0.5ML ~ 2ML Carts)
Temperature Settings: 2.4V - 4.2V
Preheating Function: 1.8V Preheat for 15 seconds, On-screen countdown
Auto heat shut-off after 20 seconds of use for protection
Auto screen blanking after 5 seconds of no operation
30-minute Safety Shutoff
See Your Battery Level, Voltage, and Puff Counter All in 1 place 
Cartridges Sold separately

Quick Start Instructions 

The DAZZii BAR should be charged an hour before its first use.

Remove the bottom magnetic end. Insert your 510 threaded cartridges. 

Auto Draw Function: Take 5 quick puffs to power the vape on, 2 quick puffs to activate the pre-heat mode, and 3 quick puffs to change the voltage settings. 

Power Button Function:

Quickly press the power button five times to power ON/OFF the DAZZii BAR. Press the power button three times to change the voltage to your favorite temp setting from 2.4V to 4.2V, 0.2V each. Quickly press the power button two times to activate pre-heat mode.


Quickly pull from the mouthpiece twice to activate the preheat function; you can press the bottom button two times to activate the preheat function.

The Preheating will last 15 seconds with a 2.0V pre-heat voltage. In the preheating mode, On-screen countdown from 15s to 1s, press the power button one time or pull on the mouthpiece 1 to stop preheating.

Normal Smoking Use: 

Both auto inhale and button power are workable in normal vaping use mode; the guide bar and the sensor will illuminate. The sensor does not light in the preheating mode.

OLED Screen Display:

Power -ON Display: “DAZZLEAF
Power -OFF Display: “OFF
LOW BAT”: The system detects that the power of the DAZZii BAR is too low to work and needs to charge.
SHORT” : When the output is short-circuited, the MOS is automatically turned off to prevent burning.
TIMEOUT”: Auto heat shut-off after 20 seconds of use for protection
OFF State: Hold the Power button for 5 seconds to clear the number of puffs.

Battery and Charging:

Type-C Fast Charging
DAZZii BAR battery should be charged for an hour before the first use.

Fully Charged: The battery symbol is displayed in full.
75%-100%: 4 Grids;
50%-75%: 3 Grids;
25%-50%: 2 Grids;
0%-25%: 1 Grids;
Battery dead: 0 Grids; 

Battery Life/Cartridge Protection: 

After 10 continuous seconds of use, the red light will flash 4 times, and the automatic vape time cutoff will activate. This will turn off the heat (but not the power). Press the button or pull-draw to restart.

Protection Function:

Short circuit protection: The device will stop working immediately when a short circuit is detected and Red light will flash 10 times.

Overcharging protection: When your DAZZii BAR is fully charged, it will stop charging to prevent overcharging.

Overheating protection: The DAZZii BAR will pause for about 3 seconds after continuously being heated for 15 seconds. Meanwhile, the bottom indicator light will flash 5 times.


How To Use 

  1. Make sure that the bottom magnetic connector is properly connected to the bottom of the unit. The battery will not charge if the bottom connector is not attached.
  1. Plug into a USB-C cable and connect to a power source, you will see the red light flash when the battery is connected.
  1. Please fully charge the battery before first use, the light will turn green once charged, disconnect the device from the power source before use.
  1. Remove the bottom magnetic connector and firmly screw in the 510-threaded cartridge of your choice.
  2. You can insert the cartridge into the device and ensure the bottom magnetic connector is reconnected correctly. The OLED Screen will appear with a small battery icon to indicate that it is charged when appropriately connected, or the screen won't change.
  1. If the device is powered off, press the power button five times to turn it on.
  2. Press the bottom button or auto-inhale three times to change the voltage.
  3. You can auto-inhale on the mouthpiece two times to activate pre-heat or press the bottom button two times to activate preheat. The preheat time will last 15 seconds at 2.0V voltage, then switch to your previously selected voltage.
  1. Pull from the mouthpiece or push the button to activate the cartridge.


Cleaning Instructions: 

Remove the battery cover.

Wipe the outside and inside of the bottom magnetic connector with an alcohol pad. Use an alcohol swab to remove excess oil from the 510 screw-in connector.

Clean the inside air pathway with an alcohol swab.

Please don't submerge any part of the device in the cleaning solution. Allow all parts to air dry before resuming use.