Air Bar Lux Disposable Vape (Full Box)

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AirBar Lux Disposable Pod Device Full Box 

The AIR BAR Lux, by Suorin, is an upgrade to the regular Suorin Air Bar.  Already considered on the higher end of disposables, their new Lux edition of the air bar features increased airflow, a robust 500mah battery, 2.7ml of salt nicotine liquid, and a lifespan of 1000 puffs.  A new feature is for the entire bar to illuminate and an improved softer inhalation tip protects your teeth while adding more comfort.  All of our Suorin Air Bar Lux's are guaranteed 100% authentic.

Air Bar lux Features:

Disposable Device
5% nicotine
1 Device per package
2.7mL of e-liquid
500mAh battery capacity
1000 puffs per device


What is Air Bar Lux Vape? 

Disposable vapes can be hit or miss as far as quality goes. The Air Bar Lux vape has all the qualities of a high-quality disposable vape. Air Bar Lux checks off on all the key features you can ask for in a vape. Before we dive into why the Air Bar Lux vape should be the next disposable you try, let’s briefly talk about disposable vapes. 

Gone are the days when you have to fidget with vape cartridges. Disposable vapes are devices pre-filled with vape juice that you can use as soon as you purchase them! They are designed to make vaping simple by offering a quick convenience. When using disposables, always be sure to discard of them properly and safely. 

Now, let’s talk about the disposable vape you have been dreaming about. The Air Bar Lux is a luxury disposable that combines cutting edge technology and design with the best menu of flavors. You may be familiar with the Suorin Air Bar, a different disposable vape made by the same brand that is already considered to be one of the high end disposable vapes. Well, the Air Bar vape is an upgrade that does a complete 360! 

The Air Bar Lux by Suorin features increased airflow which transforms your vaping experience. Thanks to this feature you can expect smoother vape hits. The Air Bar Lux also features a 500mAh battery so this perfectly sized disposable packs a punch. The battery capacity of the Air Bar Lux is a much needed feature because disposable vapes need to be perfectly powered to ensure full use. This is also an important feature because the Air Bar Lux is not rechargeable. So, this high-functioning battery helps you draw out the full 2.7 mL of eliquid included in each device.

The Air Bar vape should be the next disposable vape you try and here are the top reasons why:

  1. Perfectly sized

If you dislike big, clunky vapes then you will love the Air Bar vape. The Air Bar Lux is a small tube shape that is easy to hold and easily slips into your pocket or bag. So vaping on the go will be a breeze!

  1. Aesthetically pleasing

Not only does the Air Bar vape help you vape anywhere, it's also easy on the eyes. These devices are really smooth and pleasing to the eye. The device has a future-forward design and the colors are boldly soothing which will definitely stand out above typical disposables.

  1. Comfortable to use

The Lux Air Bar fits comfortable in your hand, and the mouth piece is designed to protect your teeth. So its safe to say that the Air Bar vape is truly designed to offer a luxurious and comfortable vaping experience.  

  1. Contains a lot of eliquid

The Air Bar Lux contains 2.7mL of e-liquid which can be enjoyed in full in about 1000 puffs. You can expect to get full, satisfying use out of this disposable, plus you don’t have to worry about your battery running out before the juice is completely empty. Score!

Air Bar Lux Flavors 

While the technology and design aspect of disposable vapes is paramount, there is another aspect of that’s the cherry on the sundae (literally)— flavors! Disposable vapes may offer a short term vaping experience for vape lovers but that doesn’t mean taste quality doesn’t matter. If you love having multiple vape flavors to choose from, then prepare to be wowed by the collection of Air Bar Lux flavors. 

There are over 20 Air Bar flavors to choose from so everyone is likely to find a handful of Air Bar vape flavors to add to your must try list. There are multiple fruity Air Bar Lux flavors that you will love including Lemon Apple Ice, Blueberry Raspberry, Guava Shake, Watermelon Candy and Strawberry Kiwi. There are also flavors that will make you think of your favorite beverages such as Cola Ice, Orange Soda, Pink Lemonade, Peach Soda and Energy Drinks. And this is just the start of what the Air Bar Lux flavor list has to offer. Each of the Air Bar flavors have there own unique tastes that will satisfy different preferences and vape moods. A delicious variety of luxury disposables vapes? Yes, please! You can find these Air Bar Lux flavors and more at Vape More Inc. 

What does an air bar vape do? 

Air Bar Vapes provides a luxury vaping experience with an optimized air flow system and design. The Lux Air Bar is equipped with a high capacity battery that powers the device to deliver smooth yet strong vape hits. The Air Bar vape also protects your teeth from irritation with its new and improved mouthpiece made with a softer inhalation tip protector to complement the smooth vape hits the devices provides. This upgraded vape pen by Suorin also illuminates, giving the entire pen an aesthetically pleasing glowing feature to help you vape with style.

The slim and sleek design of the Air Bar Lux disposable makes it easy to hold and store for later use. The Air Bar vape is perfectly sized and mimics the look and feel of a cigarette in some ways which could be useful to any one that smokes cigarettes but wants to quit. Ditching cigarettes cold turkey can be tough and even dangerous for some, so this Air Bar Lux vape can potentially help make that transition smoother. These devices feel similar in your hand but are made without some of the long term affects linked to cigarettes. Overall the Air Bar Lux helps you up level your vaping experience by adding a touch of luxury to your favorite recreational activity. 

Advantages of using Air Bar Lux Disposable Vape 

Air Bar Lux Disposable vapes are among the more high end side of disposable vapes. Here are the top advantages that come with choosing an Air Bar Lux Disposable Vape:

1. Well-designed and functional 

Thanks to the size and sleek design of the Air Bar Lux vapes, you can vape comfortably wherever vaping is possible. This device fits comfortably in your mouth and hand and is easy to store so no worries if you are traveling or on the go! The Air Bar Lux is fun-sized and functional in the best way possible. 

2. Ideal for all vape lovers

Speaking of the design and functionality, the Air Bar Lux is easy to use. The Air Bar Lux is ideal for beginner vapers and experienced level vapers. 

3. Alternative for cigarette smokers

The look and feel of the Air Bar Lux disposable vape is similar to a cigarette, making this device a potentially helpful alternative for transitioning smokers. 

4. Multiple flavors to choose from 

Air Bar Lux vape flavors cater to multiple taste pallettes. This disposable can be experienced in a variety of flavors— from Strawberry Wafer Biscuit to Cool Mint, you will find yourself wanting to add more than one flavor to your cart so you can find out the best Air Bar flavor!

5. Available online 

As vaping becomes more popular, you are starting to see that vapes can be purchased online. Gone are the days when you can only find a variety of vapes in store! You can have an Air Bar Lux Disposable sent right to your door step. Air Bar Lux disposables are available online at Vape More Inc for a great price. Vape More Inc is a team of industry leading vape enthusiasts that offer a solid pool of vaping products. You can find various Air Bar Lux vapes including an Air bar Lux box with multiple pens on their website for purchase! 

6. Unbeatable price 

With the Air Bar Lux being such a high end vape, you can’t go wrong with purchasing from Vape More Inc. They sell Air Bar Lux vapes individually and collection boxes so you can try multiple flavors at once! Even more, Vape More Inc offers the Air Bar vape wholesale too! So if you are a wholesaler that wants to add a high-end vaping option to your collection, head over to Vape More Inc to place your order.

Best Air Bar Disposable Vapes 

Now that you know why the Air Bar Lux disposable needs to be the next vape you try, let’s talk about where to find the best Air Disposable apes. Vape More Inc offers a variety of these luxury disposables on their website.

First, they have their Air Bar Lux disposable for those that are ready to enjoy multiple Air Bar Lux Vape flavors and experience this optimized vape in a variety of tastes. You can select up to 6 different flavors to receive in your full box of Air Bar vapes. 

Next, for those that want to up the ante and have more eliquid to puff through, there is the Air Bar Lux Plus Disposable which can also be found at Vape More Inc. These devices contain 6.5mL of vape juice, which delivers about 2000 puffs each. 

Vape More Inc also offers there Air Bar Disposable Boxes which sport a different design than the others. These are a little bigger but with the same top shelf vape juice in multiple flavors. These carry 10 mL is eliquid so there is about 3000 puffs in each Air Bar Disposable Box. Experienced vapors will love this powerhouse of a disposable! 

The Air Bar Diamond Disposable Vape is another option available at Vape More Inc if you want a simplified vaping experience that contains the smallest amount of vape eliquid available.  

This varied collection of Air Bar disposables really helps turn up the notch on vaping! Disopsables are designed to offer a short vaping experience, however Air Bar disposables vapes help you do so in style, without compromising on quality. For all of these products, head over to Vape More Inc and choose the best Air Bar flavor for you!

Air Bar Lux Disposable Vape- Frequently Asked Questions

Are Air Bar Lux safe? 

When vaping, safety should always be your first priority. Air Bar Lux vapes are a safe choice for beginner and experienced vapers. These devices do contain 5% nicotine, which is an addictive substance so it’s best to use these devices sparingly and responsibly. It is advisable to closely and thoroughly read the packaging on your vape to learn of any necessary safety precautions and details on how to properly use the Air Bar Lux vape. Using Air Bar Lux vapes is not recommended for anyone that is pregnant or breastfeeding. Consulting with the doctor prior to using Air Bar Lux is a great idea to learn how Air Bar vapes may interfere with any current conditions or medications you are taking. 

Are air bars legit? 

With vaping becoming so popular over the years, there may be some false replicas of certain vapes floating around. So, here’s how to know if your Air Bars are legit. While each Air Bar does have its own unique design and inscribed labeling, there’s another way to spot an fake Air Bar. Each Air Bar has a serial number attached to it. This number can be retrieved by gently peeling off the scratch-off label which will reveal a the code. Use your phone’s camera to scan this code or enter it manually into the Air Bar’s official counterfeiting page. If legitimate, you will receive an anti-counterfeiting code confirming that it is indeed legit, along with a timestamp.

how many hits does an air bar lux have? 

We all love a disposable vape that lasts for a while. As you know, disposable vapes are not designed to last very long. This will vary depending on how frequently the vape is used. The Air Bar Lux is just that contains 2.7mL of eliquid and generates 1000 hits. 

What percent of NIC is in an air bar Lux? 

Most vapes contain nicotine, a chemical found in tobacco plants that is most commonly recognized for its addictive properties. Additionally though, past studies have shown nicotine to increase acetylcholine and norepinephrine levels in the body. Nicotine also results in increased beta-endorphins. So, in other words, nicotine is not only bad. When consumed regularly and in large quantities, it can have damaging effects over the long term . With that being said, the Air Bar Lux disposable vape does contain nicotine. Each Air Bar Lux disposable vape contains 5% nicotine similar to most commercially available vapes.

How do I know if my air bar Lux is empty? 

Disposable vapes may run out of eliquid at the most unexpected times. Oftentimes its tough to know when your device is almost empty. Here are 3 signs to look for that can indicate a empty Air Bar Lux vape.

1. The vapor tastests burnt 

When your device still has battery but no vapor, the atomizer still heats. Without eliquid, though, the heat is being absorbed by the cotton wick inside of the device. The direct heat burns the wick and produces a taste that may taste burnt or charred. If this occurs, it is definitely time for a new vape!

2. The vapor becomes tasteless and thin after extended use

When new, most vapes produce thick puffs, but the vape hits thin out after the vape has been used for a long time Unlike the previous sign, there may be no burnt taste present, but instead just thinner puffs that become flavorless. If this occurs, it is time to replace your Air Bar vape.

3. Battery turns on but no vapor produced 

Sometimes the battery will still have some life in it and the device will still get hot, but no vapor will come out. You may find that you power on your device and prepare to use it only to find that nothing actually comes out of the vape. This is another sign that its time to get a new vape.

If you are concerned about running out of vape juice in your Air Bar Lux disposable vape, it may be a good idea to purchase a new one after you have been using your device for an extended period to enjoy uninterrupted vaping sessions.

Is an air bar a puff bar? 

There are Air Bars and puffs bars and lets talk about the difference between the two. The main difference in these two terms or devices that how much eliquid they contain and ultimately how many puffs you will get from each. Air Bars typically contain 1000 to 2000 puffs while puff cars can contain up to 3000. Both of these can be found at Vape More Inc!

How many cigarettes are in a air bar Lux? 

Did you know that vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes? The Air Bar Lux disposable vape is a good alternative for those that smoke cigarettes but wish to have a different alternative. Not only do these vapes taste better, but they also deliver more puffs than cigarettes. A 20 pack of smokes typically contains about 1000 puffs. Air Bar Lux disposable vapes deliver between 1000 to 3000 puffs depending on which style you purchase. 

How long do air bar Lux Vapes last? 

Air Bar Lux Vapes are disposables vapes, which only last for a few weeks to months depending on how frequently they are used. The more often the Air Bar Lux Vapes are used, the quicker they may either run out of vape juice, battery life or both. Each Air Bar Lux Vape contains 2.7mL of eliquid, which rounds out to about 1000 puffs per pen. So there’s definitely plenty of top tier vape juice to go around. 

How to use an air bar vape? 

Vaping comfortably takes some practice. Everyone tends to develop their own vaping techniques overtime. Here’s some vaping techniques that may come in handy.

The Draw

When starting out with vaping, it is almost impossible to avoid experiencing a really harsh throat hit, as you learn how to use the device. You don’t want to hit the vape too harshly and hurt your lungs, so try slowly inhaling vapor without doing so too sharply. 

Inhale and Exhale

Once you smoothly inhale the vapor, you hold the vapor in your lungs and mouth for a few seconds. Everyone does this differently and ultimately its about what feels most comfortable to you. After this, exhale! When vaping it best to wait a few minutes before hitting the vape again. This gives your body time to process what you’ve ingested and will ultimately help you have a smoother vaping experience. 

Be patient

As mentioned before, everyone has their own vaping style which takes practice to develop. If you experience a few harsh throat hits or find yourself in a coughing fit when vaping for the first few times, this is normal. If you experience this, take a break from the vape and maybe come back to it. Being patient will help you learn how to vape comfortably. Additionally, if you find that vaping is just uncomfortable and not enjoyable after a few tries, it is perfectly fine to avoid vaping.

Why does my air bar Lux taste weird? 

If you experience a funky, burnt taste while using your Air Bar Lux, this may be due to your vape running out of eliquid. This is most common after the vape undergoes extended use. The pen continues to heat, but there is no vapor left to burn, resulting in a gross burnt taste. If this happens, it is time to purchase a new Air Bar vape.

How much does an air bar lux cost? 

Vape More Inc offers a full box of 10 Air bars Lux Disposables, which can be any flavor of your choice, for only $90. This box of luxury disposables can be purchased for yourself or gifted to another fellow vape lover. Additionally, you will receive free shipping on orders over $25. 

Where to buy best air bar vape? 

Vape More Inc is a one stop shop for vape enthusiasts. They carry a wide variety of products that can be shipped right to your front door. Vape More Inc offers the best Airbar Lux vapes for the best price! Air Bar vapes are available on their website in multiple sizes. They also have various Air Bar Lux flavors to choose from. The Air Bar vapes at Vape More Inc are available for individual purchase and wholesale. To get one of the hottest, high-end disposables in the market for the best price, visit Vape More Inc


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