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Introducing RabBeats RC10000 Touch Disposable Vape, a premium disposable vape designed to deliver an unparalleled vaping experience. This cutting-edge device combines a rich 13mL pre-filled e-liquid reservoir with a powerful 620mAh rechargeable battery featuring a convenient Type-C charging port. With approximately 10,000 puffs of 5% mg nicotine strength, the Rab Beats RC10000 ensures lasting satisfaction for both beginners and seasoned vapers.


Track your usage effortlessly with the digital display indicating battery and e-liquid levels, providing a seamless way to manage refills and recharges. The advanced mesh coil technology guarantees even heating for intense flavor and denser clouds. Worried about dry burns? The Anti-Dry-Burn protection feature reduces the risk, ensuring a consistent supply of moist, flavorful vapors.

Experience ease of use with the auto-draw mechanism, eliminating the need for buttons or complicated firing mechanisms. Elevate your vaping journey with RabBeats RC10000 Touch Disposable Vape – the epitome of convenience, power, and flavor.