Gummy Disposable Vape 5%

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Gummy Disposable 5%

  • 5mL Pre-Filled E-Liquid
  • 5% (50mg) Nicotine Strength
  • Approximately 1500 Puffs

What is the Gummy Disposable vape? 

If you have been on the hunt for the perfect disposable vape, let us introduce you to the Gummy Disposable vape made by Gummy Vapor. Gummy Vapor creates vaping products that are suitable for anyone no matter their vaping experience. Gummy Disposables are a unique collection of disposable vapes that can be found in select shops today. These disposable vapes feature a simple design. Each Gummy pen is slim and easy to hold, capped with a functional mouthpiece, and bold to look at. Each Gummy disposable vape features a bold and bright color based on the eLiquid flavor and there are plenty of flavors to choose from. You get approximately 1500 puffs with the Gummy Disposable, which each contains 5 mL of prefilled eliquid. Not only can you get a decent amount of puffs from this disposable vape, but the Gummy Disposable vape is one that successfully balances quality with affordability. Keep reading this Gummy disposable vape review to learn more about why this is the disposable vape you should try. 

How do disposable vapes work? 

Disposable vapes are a type of vape that can be discarded after use, or ‘disposed of’. These vapes are designed to offer a quick and convenient vaping experience that eliminates the need for refilling vape cartridges over and over again. When you first purchase a disposable vape, there is already eLiquid in the device so you can begin using it right away. This is one of the biggest advantages that come with using disposable vapes. 

Most disposable vapes have an activation button that you power on to begin using them, but there are some disposable vapes that are draw-activated. Draw-activated vapes rely on your personal inhale to release the eLiquid, instead of a button that you press. Once you know how to activate the disposable vape, you are ready to begin vaping. 

The act of vaping itself is pretty simple with disposable vapes. You can use the device as often as you would like until it runs out of eLiquid. Disposable vapes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each holding different amounts of eLiquid, so it’s good to keep this in mind when anticipating an empty device since most of these designs are opaque and thus difficult to see the vape juice inside. Some disposables are rechargeable, including a charging port to help you ensure the device is completely empty. But this isn’t a feature you get with all disposable vapes.

Once the disposable vape is empty, the device can be discarded. Because these devices do contain nicotine and various other ingredients, it's probably not a good idea to toss them anywhere. If your disposable vape still contains eLiquid and you are ready to discard it, take the device to your local Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facility for safe disposal. This is best to prevent potential fires or toxic waste. 

Overall, disposable vapes like Gummy Vape pens make for worry-free vaping experiences. Gone are the days when you have to spend hours refilling cartridges. Simply unpackage the Gummy vape pen and enjoy. 

Gummy Vape Flavors 

The collection of Gummy Vape flavors includes over 14 flavors. So it’s needless to say that no matter your preferences, there’s something in the mix for you. You can enjoy the Gummy vape disposable in flavors, including: 

Strawberry Mango - Strawberry Mango is a Gummy Vape flavor that fuses two of your favorite tropical fruits. 

Berry Lush - The Berry Lush flavor is a berry medley blend with a special touch.

Mango Banana Pineapple - Mango Banana Pineapple is a sweet fruity trio Gummy Vape flavor anyone would love. 

Banana Ice - Bananas for bananas? You will love the chilling sweetness of the Banana Ice Gummy vape. 

Red Apple - The Gummy Vape in Red Apple is a simple sweetness anyone could love. 

Red Bull Ice - Red Bull ice is a flavor inspired by the energy drink itself.

Pink Lemonade Bubblegum - If you want to try a fun Gummy Vape flavor with a sweet and sour twist, Pink Lemonade Bubblegum is it. 

Guava Ice - Guava Ice is another tropical must-try Gummy Vape flavor.  

Banana Cream - This Gummy Vape flavor is inspired by sweet and creamy banana custard. 

Grape Ice - Everyone knows grape is one of the best flavors and you can now enjoy the Gummy Vape in Grape Ice. 

Ice Cola - There’s even a Gummy Vape inspired by the world’s favorite soda

Blue Lemonade - Blue Lemonade is a Gummy Vape disposable flavor that combines lemonade with hints of blue raspberry. 

Lush Ice - If you want a Gummy Vape flavor that isn’t fruity but still feels very luxury=, you will love Lush Ice. 

Strawberry Cream - This Gummy Vape disposable flavor includes sweet hints of strawberry with cream. 

Ice Blueberry - Ice Blueberry is a Gummy Vape disposable flavor that includes hints of blueberry with ice. 

The long list of Gummy disposable vape flavors is one of the best things about this disposable. Who doesn’t love a good variety of vape flavors? You can have your pick from these 14 Gummy vape pens when you visit Vape More Inc today! 

Best Gummy Disposable vapes:

There are two different types of Gummy vapes, both of which are available for purchase at Vape More Inc. These Gummy vapes are similar in quality, but they have slightly different designs and puff counts. Let’s have a closer look at each of these Gummy vape puffs. 

1. Gummy Disposable Vape 5% 

It’s nearly impossible to miss the bold and blocky shape of the Gummy Disposable vape. These disposables stand out from others thanks to their assorted colors and matching packaging. The Gummy Disposable Vape is the normal strength disposable of the Gummy collection, which includes 5mL of e-Liquid.  This is an ideal amount for anyone trying out vaping for the first time, or if you want to get a sample of a particular flavor. The eLiquid in the Gummy disposable vape includes 5% nicotine and you get approximately 1500 puffs per device. You enjoy this Gummy nicotine vape in over 14 flavors including Red Bull Ice, Blue Lemonade, and Mango Banana Pineapple.  

2. Gummy Max Flow Disposable 5% 2500+ Puffs 

Do you want the maximum number of Gummy vape puffs? The Gummy Max Flow Disposable is yet another Gummy brand disposable that you can purchase for an unbeatable price at Vape More Inc. These Gummy vapes have a slightly different design when compared to the Gummy Disposable vape, though they also fit easily in the hand and stand out thanks to their bold color. These devices can also easily fit into most pockets and bags. The Gummy Max Flow Disposable contains slightly more eLiquid than the regular Gummy disposables. Each Gummy Max Flow Disposable contains 8mL of 5% nicotine eLiquid which is roughly 2500 puffs per device. You get the same Gummy vape flavors with the Max Flow disposable, which is a plus if you enjoy multiple flavors. 

Why to Choose VapeMoreInc to Buy Gummy Disposable Vape?

Vape More Inc is the best online shop for your vaping essentials. They have a wide selection of affordable vaping products, including the Gummy Disposable Vape. If this Gummy vape review has you convinced that this is the perfect disposable vape for you, you can enjoy this one-of-a-kind vape without leaving the house.  Vape More Inc ships directly to your door and their prices are unbeatable. Vape More Inc is currently offering the Gummy vape disposable for $10.95! If you are tired of wasting time on low-quality vapes, it’s time to give the Gummy Disposable vape a try. Visit Vape More Inc today to enjoy quality vaping for a low price and receive 10% off your first purchase! 

Gummy Disposable Vape - Frequently Asked Questions

What's in a gummy vape? 

The Gummy Disposable Vape is filled with e-Liquid that contains nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and natural and artificial flavors. Read the label on your device prior to use. 

How many hits are in a Gummy vape?

Each Gummy vape contains 5mL of eLiquid which is approximately 1500 hits with each Gummy Vape. 

How long do Gummy disposable Vapes last? 

The duration of a Gummy Disposable Vape will vary depending on the use. This disposable vape may need to be replaced anywhere between 2 weeks to 6 months. 

Does Gummy vape have nicotine? 

The Gummy Vape contains nicotine. Each disposable includes eLiquid that is 5% nicotine, which is about 50mg.

How many puffs is in the Gummy disposable vape? 

Each gummy Disposable vape includes approximately 1500 puffs, which is triple the number of puffs you get in most disposable vapes. 

How much does a Gummy vape cost? 

The Gummy Vape is one of the more affordable quality disposable vapes out there. You can get this disposable from Vape More Inc for just $10.95!

How to recharge a Gummy vape? 

Each Gummy vape can be recharged. You can recharge the Gummy Vape by purchasing a compatible USB charger and utilizing the port which can be found on each vape. Your device does not include a charger. 

How do I know when my disposable vape is empty? 

There are a few ways to know when your disposable vape is empty. First, your vape may start to lose flavor. You might notice that the flavor becomes less robust than when you first bought it. This is an indication that the disposable is almost empty. Next, the disposable might possibly change flavor when it is almost empty. You might notice that the disposable starts to taste a little funky when it's time to replace it. This could be a burnt-tasting flavor that tastes nothing like the flavor of the vape you purchase. This occurs simply because the device is no longer burning flavored eLiquid with each draw. One final way to know that your disposable vape is empty is if it becomes more difficult to gather full draws with each puff to the point of no vapor being released at all. Not only might the vapor be less robust, but the draws may just become thinner when the vape is near empty.

How long does a Gummy vape last? 

The Gummy Vape can last anywhere from a few weeks to months. Each device contains approximately 1500 puffs which can be dispersed over a longer period of time depending on how frequently the device is used. 

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  • 5
    Super tasting and long lasting!

    Posted by Steve Chamberlain on Jun 14th 2022

    The ice cola is amazing! Tastes like those gummy coke bottles you had as a kid!

  • 5
    All except Cool Mint

    Posted by Kaidon Lambeth on Jan 31st 2022

    100% worth it theses the ones.

  • 5
    Red Bull Ice

    Posted by Lindsey on Jan 10th 2022

    Great flavor and long lasting vape!