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How to Fix a Burnt Disposable Vape: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Fix a Burnt Disposable Vape: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by Anastasia on Jan 26th 2024

If you're an avid vaper, you've probably experienced that unpleasant moment when your disposable vape suddenly starts to taste burnt. When you don't get a smooth and flavorful vaping experience, it can be pretty frustrating, especially when you are expecting to have one. There is no need to worry, however! In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps on how to make a disposable vape not taste burnt, why does my new disposable tastes burnt, how to fix a burnt vape, how to fix a burnt disposable vape, and how to get rid of the burnt taste in a vape. To ensure you get the most out of your vaping experience, we will also explore the reasons behind this issue.

What is a Disposable Vape?

Vapes that are disposable come prefilled with e-liquid, making them convenient, easy to use, and compact. For those new to vaping or who need a portable option, they make a great choice since they are designed for one-time use and usually last for a few hundred puffs. The burnt taste that can sometimes occur with disposable vapes is unpleasant, as with any vaping device.

Why does my disposable vape taste burnt & How to fix a burnt coil in a disposable vape?

First, what can I do to fix the burning taste in my disposable vape? A number of factors may be responsible for this problem:

1. Chain Vaping

Fix: Relax between puffs when using disposable vapes. It is possible to burn the taste of your vape by chain vaping, which involves taking consecutive hits without taking a break. By taking short breaks between puffs, you give the coil a chance to cool down, improving your vaping experience.

2. Overheating

Fix: Be mindful of how you use your disposable vape. Continuous use can lead to overheating, which can damage the coil and produce a burnt taste. Try taking shorter draws and waiting a few seconds between each puff to prevent overheating.

3. Quality of the Vape Juice

Fix: Ensure you're using high-quality e-liquid. Low-quality or expired vape juice can contain impurities that can gunk up the coil and cause a burnt taste. Invest in reputable e-liquids from trusted brands to avoid this issue.

4. Age of the Device

Fix: Check the expiration date of your disposable vape. Just like e-liquids, disposable vapes have a shelf life. Using an expired device can lead to a burnt taste. It is time to replace your disposable vape if it has reached its expiration date.

Now that we've addressed some common causes, let's delve into specific fixes for a burnt disposable vape.

Your Coil Needs Changing

It is often a sign that your disposable vape is reaching the end of its lifecycle when you notice a burnt taste. As the coil heats up and vaporizes the e-liquid, there can be build-up of residue in it over time, causing the coil to malfunction.


To replace the coil in your disposable vape, follow these steps:

Step 1: Disassemble the Device

Carefully disassemble your disposable vape. Most disposable vapes are designed with a removable mouthpiece, which allows you to access the coil.

Step 2: Clean the Coil

Gently clean the coil with a soft cloth or cotton swab to remove any built-up residue. This process should be done with caution in order to avoid damaging the coil.

Step 3: Prime the Coil with E-liquid

Before reassembling the device, prime the new coil with e-liquid. The coil needs to be saturated with e-liquid by applying a few drops directly onto it.

Step 4: Reassemble and Refill the Device

Put your disposable vape back together and refill it with e-liquid if necessary. Make sure everything is securely in place.

Step 5: Let the Cotton Soak

To ensure proper saturation of the cotton wick, allow the e-liquid to soak into the coil for a few minutes.

Step 6: Inhale the primer puffs

Don't press the fire button until you've taken a few primer puffs. Vaping is easier with this method because e-liquid is drawn into the coil and prepared for use.

By replacing the burnt coil in your disposable vape, you should enjoy a fresh and flavorful vaping experience once again.

Your Tank Needs Topping Up

Running your disposable vape on empty can lead to a burnt taste. When the e-liquid level in the tank becomes too low, the coil may not have enough liquid to vaporize, causing it to burn.


To address this issue, simply refill your disposable vape tank with e-liquid. Make sure to check the e-liquid level regularly to avoid running it dry.

You Haven't Primed Your Coil

Priming your coil is a crucial step when using a disposable vape or any vaping device with a replaceable coil. For dry hits and burnt tastes, e-liquid needs to be sprayed onto the coil's wick before vaping.


To prime your coil, follow these steps:

  1. Disassemble the device to access the coil.
  2. The e-liquid should be applied directly to the coil and allowed to soak in.
  3. Reassemble the disposable vape and refill it with e-liquid if needed.
  4. Be sure to wait a few minutes before you take your first drag to make sure the coil is fully saturated.

Priming your coil correctly can significantly improve your vaping experience and prevent burnt tastes.

Your Power Settings Are Too High

Some disposable vapes come with adjustable power settings, allowing you to control the wattage at which the device operates. If your disposable vape's power setting is too high, it can lead to a burnt taste, as the coil may be unable to handle the excessive heat.


Lower the power setting on your disposable vape if it's adjustable. To find the sweet spot where you can get the best flavor without burning yourself, start with a lower wattage and gradually increase until you find the taste you enjoy. Detailed instructions on adjusting the device's power settings can be found in its user manual.

The coil resistance you installed is incorrect.

Disposable vapes typically come with a specific type of coil pre-installed, and using a coil with the wrong resistance can lead to a burnt taste. Depending on the coil's resistance, it is able to handle a certain amount of power and will heat up the e-liquid to the desired temperature.


To ensure you're using the correct resistance coil, consult the manufacturer's instructions or the packaging of your disposable vape. If you've accidentally installed the wrong coil, replace it with the correct one to avoid burnt tastes and potential damage to the device.

You're Using the Wrong Type of E-Liquid

E-liquids come in various formulations, including different VG/PG ratios and nicotine levels. It is possible to get a burnt taste from disposable vapes if the wrong type of e-liquid is used because it is not compatible with the specifications of the device.


Check the compatibility of your e-liquid with your disposable vape. Ensure that the e-liquid's VG/PG ratio and nicotine level match the device's requirements. High VG e-liquids may cause wicking issues and a burnt taste if used in devices designed for lower VG e-liquids.

Burnt coils in disposable vaporizers - how to fix them

Now that we've covered various fixes for a burnt disposable vape let's take a closer look at the signs of a burnt coil and the steps to fix it.

Disposable Vape Coil Burning Signs

A burnt coil can be identified by several telltale signs. You can address the problem promptly if you recognize these signs early. A burnt coil usually exhibits the following symptoms:

  • Dark or Burnt-Looking Wick: If you can see that the wick inside your disposable vape's coil has turned dark or looks burnt, it's a clear sign that the coil is no longer functioning correctly.
  • Gurgling Sounds: A coil that has started to burn may produce gurgling or popping sounds when you vape. E-liquid is vaporizing ineffectively when this noise occurs.
  • Difficulty Inhaling: When your disposable vape becomes hard to inhale, and you need to apply more suction to get a hit, it's often due to a burnt coil. The reduced airflow can result from the coil's poor performance.

Steps: How does a disposable vape fix a burnt coil?

It's time to fix the burnt coil if any of the signs mentioned above appear. If your disposable vape needs rejuvenation, follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove the mouthpiece and clean it

If your disposable vape has accumulated residue or gunk, clean the mouthpiece to remove it. By maintaining a clean mouthpiece, you can ensure a hygienic vaping experience.

Step 2: Remove the internal components (if possible)

Depending on the disposable vape, the coil and wick can be accessed by removing the internal components. Carefully disassemble the device to reach the coil.

Step 3: Make sure the E-liquid is at the right level

Tank e-liquid level should be checked. If it's running low, refill it to ensure the coil has enough liquid to function correctly.

Step 4: If the inside of your vape feels dry, add a few drops of your favorite vape juice.

If the wick inside the coil feels dry, you can add a few drops of your favorite e-liquid directly onto the coil to rehydrate it.

Step 5: Let the Cotton Soak

Allow the coil's cotton wick to soak up the e-liquid for a few minutes to ensure it's properly saturated.

Step 6: Reassemble the Disposable

Carefully reassemble the disposable vape, making sure all components are securely in place.

Step 7: Take Primer Puffs

Before taking regular puffs, take a few primer puffs without pressing the fire button. As a result, the coil is ready to vape once the e-liquid has been drawn into it.

This method often revives a burnt coil and improves vaping performance.

Disposable Vape Coil Prevention Tips

Keeping a disposable vape coil from burning is vital to avoiding frustration. You can maintain your disposable vape coils by following these tips:

  • Avoid Chain Vaping: Take short breaks between puffs to prevent the coil from overheating.
  • Use High-Quality E-Liquids: Invest in reputable e-liquids to avoid residue buildup and impurities that can lead to a burnt taste.
  • Check Expiration Dates: Ensure your disposable vape is within its expiration date to prevent potential issues.
  • Priming: Always prime your coil with e-liquid before using a disposable vape or replacing a coil.
  • Adjust Power Settings: See what balance between flavor and vapor production you can achieve with your disposable vape's adjustable power settings.
  • Use the Correct Resistance Coil: Stick to the recommended coil resistance for your disposable vape to ensure optimal performance.
  • Choose Compatible E-Liquids: Match the VG/PG ratio and nicotine level of your e-liquid with your disposable vape's specifications.

How to Fix Other Disposable Vape Issues

While fixing a burnt taste in your disposable vape is a common concern, other issues can arise as well. You may also encounter the following problems and their solutions:

Firing Problems

If your disposable vape doesn't produce vapor when you inhale, it may not be firing correctly.


Check the battery to ensure it has sufficient charge. The device may need to be recharged if the battery is low. You can contact the retailer or manufacturer if the issue persists.

Vapor production is weak or nonexistent.

Your disposable vape might not produce much vapor if you have a problem.


Make sure the e-liquid tank and coil are properly refilled. If the device has adjustable power settings, adjust them to a higher wattage. Replacement of the disposable vape may be a better option in the event none of the solutions work.

Leaking or Spitback

Leaking or spit back occurs when e-liquid escapes from the device and enters your mouth during vaping.


:Ensure that all components are securely assembled. Overfilling can cause leaks, so make sure not to do so. If the issue persists, inspect the coil for damage or replace it if necessary.

No Flavor or Burnt Taste

Apart from a burnt taste, you may encounter a complete lack of flavor or an unpleasant burnt flavor in your disposable vape.


Refer to the previous sections for tips on addressing burnt tastes and coil issues. Additionally, ensure that you're using a fresh and high-quality e-liquid to maximize flavor.

Steps to Fix a Burnt Disposable Vape

If you've encountered the dreaded burnt taste in your disposable vape, follow these steps to get it back to working condition:

Step 1: Clean the Mouthpiece

Start by cleaning the mouthpiece to ensure a hygienic vaping experience. Removing residues and debris should be the last step.

Step 2: Remove the internal components (if possible)

You can access the internals of some disposable vapes. If possible, disassemble the device to reach the coil and wick.

Step 3: Make sure the e-liquid is at the correct level

Ensure that the tank has enough e-liquid. If it's low, refill it to prevent dry hits.

Step 4: As soon as you feel the liquid is dry inside, add your favorite vape juice.

If the coil's cotton wick feels dry, add a few drops of your preferred vape juice directly onto the coil to rehydrate it.

Step 5: Let the Cotton Soak

Allow the cotton wick to soak up the e-liquid for a few minutes to ensure it's fully saturated.

Step 6: Reassemble the Disposable

Carefully put the disposable vape back together, ensuring all components are securely in place.

Step 7: Take Primer Puffs

Before regular vaping, take a few primer puffs without pressing the fire button. In so doing, you prepare the coil for vaping by drawing e-liquid into it and preparing it for use.


To summarize, fixing a burnt taste in your disposable vape is achievable with the right knowledge and simple solutions. Preventive measures like avoiding chain vaping and using high-quality e-liquids can reduce the likelihood of burnt coils in the future. By following the steps in this comprehensive guide on how to fix a burnt disposable vape, you can address common issues and ensure your vaping sessions remain enjoyable. Keep your device in good condition, and you'll consistently savor your favorite e-liquids without the frustration of burnt tastes.

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