Juice Head Bars Disposable Vape Review

Juice Head Bars Disposable Vape Review

Posted by Daniel Klinowski on May 19th 2022

One of the most recognizable vape juice brands is loaded up with Zero Tobacco Nicotine (ZTN) salt in mega-size rechargeable disposables with 650 mAh battery life.

Juice Head Bars are not your typical disposable e-cigarettes. They’re 8 mL capacity rechargeable with a mesh coil rated for 3000 puffs. But while these are big disposables, the actual vape experience is geared toward MTL—which is a relief for me. I prefer MTL with a disposable. Having said that, this is my first experience with Juice Head e-liquid. Despite my familiarity with them in virtually every physical and virtual vape shop I buy from, I never bought their juice on my own.

Interestingly, I would’ve never guessed these contained Zero Tobacco Nicotine as opposed to regular salt nicotine. I’m not a fan of tobacco-free nicotine in vapes normally—it doesn’t quite agree with me. I get why it’s there, and I can appreciate the wiggle room it’s allowed the industry, even if only temporarily—but not my choice. To my surprise, these Juice Head Bars vape no differently in taste, experience, or performance than what I expect out of a regular nic salt vape. Maybe that’s a credit to the mixologists at Juice Head?

Price: $13.95