Vape Pen Not Working After Charge: How to Fix It

Vape Pen Not Working After Charge: How to Fix It

Posted by Anastasia on Jan 24th 2024

"Vape pen not working after charge" - If you've ever found yourself excited to take a puff from your vape pen only to discover that it's not working after being charged, you're not alone. The convenience and portability of vape pens have made them increasingly popular, but they sometimes have issues like any other electronic device. In this guide, we'll delve into the world of vape pens, explore common reasons why your vape pen might not work after charging, and provide practical solutions to get it up and running again.

What Are Vape Pens?

Vape pens, short for vaporizer pens, are portable electronic devices designed for vaping. They come in various shapes and sizes, but their primary function is to vaporize e-liquids or concentrates for inhalation. Unlike traditional cigarettes, vape pens don't produce smoke; instead, they create a vapor that is inhaled by the user.

Different types of vape pens

Generally, vape pens fall into three categories:

510 Threaded Pens

These are the most common types of vape pens. They have a standard 510 threading that allows you to attach various cartridges or tanks to the battery. Due to this versatility, those who enjoy customizing their vaping experience will find them appealing.

Refillable Vape Pens

Refillable vape pens are designed for use with e-liquids. Users can fill their tanks or pods with their preferred e-liquid flavors, making them cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

A disposable vape pen

A disposable vape pen contains prefilled e-liquid and is designed to be used only once. They are convenient for beginners and travelers but lack the customization options of refillable pens.

The Basic Parts of a Vape Pen

It is essential that you understand the basic components of your vape pen to determine why it isn't working after charging. The following parts are typically found in a vape pen:

  • Battery: Vape pens are powered by batteries.
  • Cartridge or Tank: The holding container for e-liquids or concentrates.
  • Coil: Vaporizes the substance with the help of a heating element.
  • Button or Sensor: Used to activate the heating coil in some pens.
  • Mouthpiece: The device through which vapor is inhaled.

What Is The Chance That A Vape Pen Will Stop Working?

Yes, it's relatively common for vape pens to encounter issues, especially after charging. Battery problems, cartridge issues, and coil issues can all be caused by these problems. Although many of these issues can be resolved without requiring extensive technical knowledge, the good news is that there are many cases in which they can be.

Why is my vape pen not working after charged?

It is important, however, that we dive into the specific reasons why your vape pen might stop working after it has been charged in a moment.

Dead Battery

When a vape pen doesn't work, a dead battery is usually the cause. Battery drains prevent the coil from heating and vaporizing e-liquid if it is completely drained. To check if this is the issue, connect your vape pen to a charger and observe if it begins charging. If there's no response, you might need to replace the battery.

Oil settling in the cartridge.

Over time, the e-liquid or concentrate in your cartridge can settle, leading to poor vapor production or clogs. If your vape pen has been sitting unused for a while, it's a good idea to gently shake the cartridge to mix the contents before use.

Damaged contact

The connection between the battery and the cartridge can become damaged or dirty, hindering the power flow. With the use of cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol, good connections can be restored.

Charging cable or charger that is faulty

Charging cables or chargers are sometimes the problem rather than the vape pens themselves. Ensure you're using a compatible charger and cable, as incorrect accessories can damage the battery or other components.

Damaged coil

A damaged or burnt-out coil can lead to poor vapor quality or no vapor production. Replacing the coil is a relatively simple fix and can often breathe new life into your vape pen.

Broken battery

If your vape pen has suffered physical damage, such as a drop or impact, the battery may be internally damaged. Vape pens may need their batteries or entire units replaced in such cases.

The connector plate that is misaligned

The connection plate in some vape pens can become misaligned, preventing proper contact between the battery and the cartridge. Carefully realign the plate to restore functionality.

How To Fix A Vape Pen That's Not Working

Let's take a look at how to troubleshoot and solve the issues you may be experiencing with your vape pen now that we have identified some common reasons why it may not work after charging:

1. Ensure your vape pen is switched on

Some vape pens have a power button that needs to be pressed multiple times to turn them on or off. Check your device's manual to understand its power settings and ensure it's in the "on" position.

2. Adjust the voltage

If your vape pen has adjustable voltage settings, ensure it's set to the appropriate level for your cartridge or tank. Using the wrong voltage can lead to burnt coils or poor vapor production.

3. Unclog the vape cart.

If you notice decreased vapor production or a burnt taste, your cartridge may be clogged. If the mouthpiece is obstructed, blow gently through it to remove it. If that doesn't work, you can use a needle or paperclip to carefully clear the clog.

4. Tighten or loosen the cart.

Sometimes, a loose cartridge can cause connectivity issues. The cartridge should be tightened to form a secure connection with the battery. If that doesn't work, try loosening it slightly and see if that improves the connection.

5. Fixing a stuck connection pin

In some cases, the connection pin on the battery can get stuck in the "down" position, preventing it from contacting the cartridge. Use a small tool or your fingernail to lift the pin gently.

6. Make sure the connections are clean.

Power flow can be hindered by dirty or corroded connection points. You can clean the battery and cartridge connections with rubbing alcohol after dipping a cotton swab.

7. Try out a different charger.

As mentioned earlier, a faulty charger or charging cable can sometimes be the culprit. Test your vape pen with a different charger to see if it starts charging correctly.

8. Let it charge fully.

If your vape pen's battery is completely drained, it might take a little time to charge fully. Check if the device starts working after a sufficient charging period after connecting it to the charger.

9. Replace the coil

The coil is likely worn out if you taste burnt or don't see any vapor. The coil in your vape pen needs to be replaced, so follow the instructions provided with your pen.

10. Make Sure Your Cartridge Is Fully Seated

Ensure that your cartridge is correctly attached to the battery. The lack of vapor production can sometimes be caused by an improperly seated or loose cartridge.

Make sure you know your vape and repair it with care.

While these troubleshooting steps can help you address common issues with your vape pen, it's essential to understand your specific device's features and limitations. Before attempting to fix or modify your vape pen, make sure that you follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer. You may also seek assistance from a knowledgeable friend or professional if you are unsure about any part of the repair process.

Can You Prolong Vape Battery Life?

Yes, you can take several steps to prolong the life of your vape pen's battery:

  • Use the correct charger: If your vape pen does not come with a charger, use one that is compatible with it. Using incompatible chargers can damage the battery.
  • Avoid overcharging: Once your vape pen is fully charged, disconnect it from the charger. As a result of overcharging, a battery's capacity can degrade over time.
  • The correct temperature is essential when storing batteries: Extreme temperatures can damage batteries. Vape pens should be kept cool and dry.
  • Turn off when not in use: Whenever you are not using your vape pen, make sure it is turned off using its power button. This can help conserve battery life.
  • Use the correct voltage: Adjust your vape pen's voltage settings according to the type of cartridge or tank you're using. Using excessive voltage can strain the battery.

By following these practices, you can extend the lifespan of your vape pen's battery and reduce the chances of encountering issues.

Other Common Vape Issues

Apart from a vape pen not working after charging, there are other common issues that vapers may encounter:

Flavor Tastes Off Or Burnt

A burnt or off-tasting flavor can be a sign of a worn-out coil. Replace the coil to enjoy a fresh and flavorful vaping experience. Additionally, avoid vaping at excessively high temperatures, as this can also lead to a burnt taste.

Liquid Leaking Into Mouthpiece

Liquid leakage into the mouthpiece can occur if the cartridge or tank is overfilled or the device is tilted excessively during use. To prevent this issue, don't overfill your cartridge or tank, and keep your vape pen upright when unused.

Over-Tightened Threads

Over-tightening the threads when attaching the cartridge or tank to the battery can cause damage and connectivity issues. Don't apply excessive force to the components, but gently tighten them until they fit together.

What Should I Do if My vape pen not working after charge?

Suppose you've tried all the troubleshooting steps mentioned earlier, and your vape pen still isn't working after charging. In that case, it may be time to consider seeking professional help or contacting the manufacturer's customer support. Vape pens are electronic devices, and sometimes, issues can be beyond the scope of DIY repairs.


1. What caused my vape to stop working suddenly?

A malfunctioning cartridge, damaged coil, or a dead battery could be causing a sudden stoppage of your vape pen. Refer to the troubleshooting steps mentioned earlier to identify and address the issue.

2. How can I find out why my vape isn't working and flashing?

A flashing LED light on your vape pen often indicates a problem. The frequency and pattern of the flashes may provide clues as to what's causing them. Consult your device's manual for interpreting the LED indicator and possible solutions.

3. My vape pen won't heat up. What should I do?

If your vape pen is not heating up, it could be due to a dead battery, a damaged coil, or a connection problem. Using the troubleshooting steps outlined above, you can find a solution to the problem.

4. Why is my vape pen not working after it has been charged?

A vape pen that doesn't work after charging may have a dead battery, a faulty charger, or other issues. Troubleshooting the problem can be accomplished by following the steps in this guide.

5. How do I get my new cart to hit the ground?

If a new cartridge is not producing vapor, it might be a compatibility issue with your vape pen or an issue with the cartridge itself. Ensure that the cartridge is correctly seated and that your vape pen is set to the appropriate voltage for the cart.

6. Is the Disposable Vape Pen Not Working After Charge?

If your disposable vape pen isn't working after charging, it may have a defective battery or internal component. It is unfortunately not possible to troubleshoot or repair disposable vapes. Replacing a defective product is possible if the manufacturer's warranty is still valid.

7. Why Won't My Battery Charge?

If your vape battery doesn't charge, check the charger and cable for damage. They might be fine, but your battery might be dead or beyond its useful life. If the battery or pen needs to be replaced, the entire unit may have to be replaced.

8. Why Is My Vape Not Charging?

In case your vape doesn't charge, make sure your charger and cable are compatible. Ensure that the charger port on your device is clean and free of debris or dirt, which can hinder the connection. If these steps don't resolve the issue, your battery or charging circuit might be faulty, and professional repair might be needed.

9. Disposable Vape Not Charging?

There is no way to recharge disposable vapes. Initially, they are prefilled and last for only one use before the battery runs out. A disposable vape that won't charge is most likely a manufactured defect that must be corrected by contacting the manufacturer or retailer whenever you experience such an issue.

Final Thoughts – Vape Pen Not Working After Charge

Experiencing a vape pen that doesn't work after charging can be frustrating, but it's essential to remember that many issues can be resolved with troubleshooting and care. By understanding the essential components of your vape pen and following the tips provided in this guide, you can often bring your device back to life and continue enjoying your vaping experience.

However, if you encounter persistent problems or are unsure about performing any repairs yourself, feel free to seek professional assistance or contact the manufacturer for support. Keeping your vape pen in good working condition through regular maintenance and responsible usage will help ensure a satisfying vaping experience every time you pick it up.

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