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CLVRBAR Disposable Device 5000 Puffs


At CLVR, vaping is a lifestyle. They have created some of the world’s most advanced vapes that offer simplicity and excellent service. The company provide you with the best options, strong flavors, and excellent support to guarantee a satisfying experience every time. CLVRBAR offers a range of vape products that are packed full of some of the most classic and elusive flavors that are sure to excite your vaping palate. CLVR is a leading electronic cigarette and vapor company poised for excellent service delivery and premium product quality. Over the years, developed premium-quality e-cigs and vape products that serve markets across three continents. Combined experience of over 15 years has been applied to the research and product development, and the results have been astounding. The CLVR vape brand is synonymous with quality, they provide premium satisfaction at the most affordable price. CLVBAR constantly evolving to meet your ever-changing needs, they are committed to the health and safety of vapers with continuing efforts toward discovering and implementing a safety standard that benefits all parties. CLVR encourages environmental awareness and supports recycling programs to save Mother Nature.


Puffs: 5000 puffs 
Liquid capacity: 12ml 
Battery capacity: 450mAh
Resistance: 1.2Ω 
Control Mode: Micro Processor
Charging Port: Type-C
Coil: Mesh Coil