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*WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical and habit forming. Keep out of reach of children. This product is intended for use by adults 21 or older, and not by children and women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Geek Bar Meloso MAX Disposable Vape - 9000 Puffs

Introducing the Geek Bar Meloso MAX Disposable Vape 9000 Puffs

Are you ready to experience vaping like never before? Look no further than the Geek Bar Meloso MAX Vape. This extraordinary vape device is designed to offer an unparalleled vaping experience, boasting an impressive 9000 puffs in a single device. With its sleek design, remarkable features, and various tantalizing flavors, the Geek Bar Meloso MAX Vape is the ultimate choice for enthusiasts.

Geek Bar Meloso MAX Vape Specifications:

  • Puffs Count: Featuring an incredible 9000 puffs per device, the Geek Bar Meloso MAX Vape ensures an extended vaping session without constant replacement. You can say goodbye to frequent refills and hello to uninterrupted satisfaction.

  • E-Liquid Capacity: Pre-loaded with 14mL of high-quality e-liquid, each device allows you to vape for a long time. With the generous e-liquid capacity, you won't run out of your favorite flavors anytime soon.

  • Nicotine Strength: The Geek Bar Meloso MAX 9000 Vape features a nicotine strength of 50mg (5%), providing a satisfying and smooth nicotine hit with each puff. 

  • Battery Capacity: Equipped with a powerful 600mAh battery, this disposable vape is designed to last throughout your entire vaping journey. Enjoy your vape on the go without worrying about recharging or carrying extra batteries.

  • Operation: The device is draw-activated, making it incredibly user-friendly. When you inhale, the device will automatically activate, providing a hassle-free vaping experience.

  • Heating Element: A dual mesh coil heating element enhances flavor and vapor production in the Geek Bar Meloso MAX Disposable 9000 Vape. With every puff, you can expect intense and flavorful clouds.

  • Charging: When it's time to recharge, the Type-C port ensures quick and efficient charging, getting you back to vaping in no time.

Geek Bar Meloso MAX Vape Flavors:

The Geek Bar Meloso MAX 9000 Disposable Vape offers an enticing array of flavors to suit every palate. Whether you crave something fruity, icy, or sweet, there's a flavor for you. Here are some of the flavors available:

  • Meta Moon: A mysterious and tantalizing flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

  • Coconut Shake: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the creamy and sweet taste of coconut shake.

  • Apple Sunrise: Enjoy the crisp and refreshing flavor of ripe apples as you watch the sunrise.

  • Nectarine: Experience the juicy and tangy delight of nectarines in every puff.

  • Purple Haze: A fusion of berries and grapes creates a delightful and unique vaping experience.

  • Columbian Coffee Ice: For coffee lovers, this flavor offers a rich and invigorating coffee kick with a hint of icy coolness.

  • Strawberry Mango: The perfect blend of sweet strawberries and tropical mangoes for a refreshing treat.

  • Ginger Ale: A zesty and fizzy ginger ale flavor that will tickle your taste buds.

  • Strawberry Ice: Enjoy the sweet and icy combination of ripe strawberries and menthol.

  • Mexico Mango: Dive into the exotic taste of ripe Mexican mangoes with every puff.

  • Fuji Melon Ice: Crisp and juicy Fuji apples blended with melon and a touch of menthol for a refreshing experience.

  • Peach Ice: Sweet and succulent peaches with a cool menthol twist.

  • Watermelon Ice: Juicy watermelon paired with a refreshing menthol breeze.

  • Green Monster: A mysterious and unique blend of green fruits that will leave you intrigued.

  • Stone Freeze: A fusion of stone fruits and menthol for a cool and satisfying vape.

  • Clear: A clean and crisp flavor that lets you appreciate the pure essence of vaping.

  • Tropical Rainbow Blast: A burst of tropical fruits that will take your taste buds on a flavorful journey.

  • Sour Apple Ice: A tart and tangy green apple flavor with a refreshing menthol finish.

  • Berry Trio Ice: A delightful trio of mixed berries with a cool menthol twist.

  • Cool Mint: A refreshing mint flavor that invigorates your vaping experience.

Each flavor is carefully crafted to deliver a unique and satisfying vaping experience, ensuring you can explore a wide range of taste sensations with the Geek Bar Meloso MAX 9000 Puffs Vape.

In summary, the Geek Bar Meloso MAX Vape 9000 Puffs offers an extraordinary vaping experience with its impressive puff count, high e-liquid capacity, and a wide range of enticing flavors. Whether you're new to vaping or a seasoned enthusiast, this disposable vape device is designed to satisfy your cravings and provide you with a hassle-free, enjoyable vaping experience. Say goodbye to frequent refills and hello to the world of Geek Bar Meloso MAX Vape 9000 Puffs – where flavor, convenience, and satisfaction come together in perfect harmony. Take your vaping journey to the next level with Geek Bar Meloso MAX Disposable Vape from Vapemoreinc!

Interested in trying out more flavors of Geek Bar Vapes? Check out our extensive range of Geek Bar vape collections to discover your preferred vaping flavors and enhance your vaping pleasure. If you have any inquiries regarding Geek Bar Meloso MAX 9000 Disposable, don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer support team for help. You can call us at 518-300-3097 or send us an email at We're dedicated to assisting you!


We are introducing The New Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 Puff Disposable Vape Powered by one of the best manufacturers, Geek Vape. The Meloso Max 9000 is packed with incredible tech, outperforming most disposable vapes. This device is super compact and convenient, loaded with advanced features. The Adjustable Airflow function allows you to customize the draw to have a loose or a tight interest. The intelligent light Indicator takes the hassle out of guessing how much juice is left in the tank, preventing those burnt hits. Plus, the battery Indicator light will let you know your battery levels and when to recharge it. The Geek Bar Meloso Max holds a 14ml tank pre-filled with 5%/50mg Salt Nicotine that will deliver a whopping 9000 puffs of unbelievably smooth flavor, plus a huge bonus: it is all powered by dual mesh coil technology and a 600mAh Battery.





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  • 5
    These r nice

    Posted by Kristin Steckler on Nov 9th 2023

    Thanks for everything

  • 5
    Geek Bar

    Posted by Jessica Harrison on Oct 13th 2023

    Always a great dispo. Long lasting and the flavors are bomb!

  • 5
    The best disposable vapes

    Posted by Sara on Aug 6th 2023

    These are the best disposable vapes I’ve tried. The flavors are amazing and super smooth. I can’t speak to how long they last or how they taste after a few days, but they are by far my favorite. I used to be loyal to elf bars, but these are much better. My fav is strawberry watermelon.

  • 5
    Geek Bar Meloso

    Posted by Tmsmith on Jul 14th 2023

    Have tried several, all have great flavor! Definitely will buy again.