SMOK Novo Bar AL9000 Disposable Vape - 9000 Puffs


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*WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical and habit forming. Keep out of reach of children. This product is intended for use by adults 21 or older, and not by children and women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Smok Novo Bar AL9000 Disposable Vape - 9000 Puffs

Introducing the Smok Novo Bar AL9000 Disposable Vape 9000 Puffs

Are you looking for a premium vaping experience that lasts longer than ever before? Look no further than the Smok Novo Bar AL9000 Disposable Vape, offering an impressive 9000 puffs of pure vaping pleasure. With its sleek design, convenient size, and a variety of delicious flavors, this disposable vape is perfect for beginners and seasoned vapers.

Smok Novo Bar AL9000 Disposable Vape Specifications:

Puffs Count 9000 Puffs - The Smok Novo Bar AL9000 Disposable Vape boasts an extraordinary 9000 puffs, ensuring an extended and satisfying vaping experience. Say goodbye to constantly refilling your device.

E-Liquid Capacity: 15mL - With a generous 15mL e-liquid capacity, you won't have to worry about running out of your favorite flavor soon. It's designed to keep you vaping without interruption.

Nicotine Strength: 50mg (5%) - For those who crave that satisfying nicotine hit, our Smok Novo Bar AL9000 Disposable Vape offers a nicotine strength of 50mg (5%), providing the perfect balance between flavor and satisfaction.

Battery Capacity: 800mAh - Equipped with a powerful 800mAh battery, this disposable vape ensures you can enjoy all 9000 puffs without worrying about the battery dying. It's ready whenever you are.

Smok Novo Bar AL9000 Vape Flavors:

  • Cherry Lemon: A delightful combination of sweet cherries and zesty lemons, creating a refreshing and tangy vaping experience.

  • Pink Bomb: Experience an explosion of fruity flavors with Pink Bomb, blending ripe strawberries and exotic tropical fruits for a mouthwatering vape.

  • Peach Raspberry Ice: Indulge in the icy coolness of Peach Raspberry Ice, where juicy peaches and tart raspberries meet a chilling menthol finish.

  • Pineapple Kiwi: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the exotic blend of ripe pineapples and tangy kiwis, perfect for a summer vape.

  • Minty Gum: For a refreshing and minty twist, Minty Gum offers the classic taste of spearmint gum, leaving you with a clean and invigorating flavor.

  • Unicorn Cake: Satisfy your sweet tooth with Unicorn Cake, a dessert-inspired vape that combines creamy frosting with hints of rainbow sprinkles.

  • Dragon Fruit Strawberry: This exotic fusion of dragon fruit and ripe strawberries offers a unique and fruity vaping experience that's simply irresistible.

  • Alphonso Mango: Enjoy the succulent taste of Alphonso Mango, a tropical delight that's both sweet and juicy, capturing the essence of ripe mangoes.

  • White Grape Ice: A blend of white grapes with a cool menthol finish, White Grape Ice delivers a crisp and refreshing vaping sensation.

  • Raspberry Sour Apple: Experience a mouth-puckering sensation with Raspberry Sour Apple, combining tangy raspberries and sour green apples for a bold flavor profile.

  • Tobacco: If you prefer the classic taste of tobacco, this option provides a familiar and comforting vaping experience.

  • Rainbow Burst: Treat yourself to a burst of fruity flavors with Rainbow Burst, featuring colorful fruits that dance on your taste buds.

  • Peach Pear: A harmonious combination of juicy peaches and crisp pears, Peach Pear offers a balanced and delightful vaping experience.

  • Blue Razz Lemonade: Quench your thirst with Blue Razz Lemonade, blending the sweet and tart notes of blue raspberry with the tangy essence of lemonade.

  • Blackberry Razz: Enjoy the bold and intense flavor of Blackberry Razz, where ripe blackberries meet the zesty kick of raspberry.

  • Honeydew Melon Mint: A fusion of honeydew melon and refreshing mint, this flavor provides a cooling and fruity vape.

  • Kiwi Dragonfruit Berry: A tropical blend of kiwi, dragonfruit, and mixed berries, creating a complex and satisfying flavor profile.

  • Orange Peach: Experience the bright and juicy combination of ripe oranges and sweet peaches, delivering a citrusy sweetness.

  • Pink Lemonade: Quench your thirst with the tangy and sweet Pink Lemonade flavor reminiscent of a summer day's refreshment.

  • Polar Ice: For those who love an icy kick, Polar Ice offers a chilling menthol sensation that complements any flavor.

  • Razz Banana: A delightful fusion of ripe bananas and tangy raspberries, Razz Banana is a sweet and fruity treat.

  • Root Beer: Enjoy the nostalgic taste of Root Beer, capturing the essence of the classic soda in a vaping experience.

  • Strawberry Kiwi: A classic combination of ripe strawberries and tart kiwis, creating a harmonious and fruity vape.

  • Straw Watermelon: Savor the taste of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelons in this delectable combination.

  • Watermelon Ice: Experience the crisp and refreshing flavor of watermelon with a hint of cooling menthol in Watermelon Ice.

  • Peach Mango Watermelon: A triple-threat of tropical fruits, Peach Mango Watermelon combines the sweetness of peaches and mangos with the juiciness of watermelon.

  • Clear: Clear provides a clean and pure vaping experience for those who prefer an unflavored option.

In conclusion, the Smok Novo Bar AL9000 Vape 9000 Puffs offers an exceptional vaping experience with its impressive puff count, generous e-liquid capacity, and tantalizing flavors from Vapemoreinc. Whether you're a beginner or a vaping enthusiast, this disposable vape is designed to deliver satisfaction and convenience. Enjoy the long-lasting flavor and convenience of the Smok Novo Bar AL9000 Disposable Vape, and discover a world of vaping pleasure today!

If you're on the lookout for diverse SMOK Disposable Vape selections, explore our SMOK Disposable vape collection and choose your preferred vape flavors to enhance your vaping satisfaction. If you have any questions about the SMOK Novo Bar AL9000 Disposable Vape, don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable support team. You can call us at 518-300-3097 or send an email to We're here to provide you with answers!


The AL9000’s novel design is inspired by flowing art paintings. The unique and colorful pattern on AL9000 sets it apart from other disposable vapes on the market. However, the design provides more than simply purely aesthetics – it also serves a functional purpose. The shape and size of the AL9000 were carefully chosen to ensure a comfortable grip, and the adjustable airflow allows vapers to customize the amount of vapor and flavor they experience.

The AL9000 is the industry’s first 0.7ohm disposable vape with advanced atomization technology for a smoother, richer experience. It’s the closest to an open vape system on the market, offering an unparalleled vaping experience and TOP-NOTCH flavor of disposables! The upgraded mesh coil in the AL9000 creates a dense and smooth vaping experience with great flavor reproduction and consistency. This means that vapers can enjoy a rich and flavorful experience with every puff.

The AL9000’s e-liquid and battery indicators are standout features that make this disposable vape a top choice for vapers who want a hassle-free experience. Users can simply keep track of how much e-liquid is still left with the help of the e-liquid indicator, ensuring they never run out unexpectedly. Users can have plenty of time to plug it in and recharge since the battery indicator lets them know when it needs to be charged. Vapers may easily and worry-free take pleasure in the smooth and consistent flavors of the AL9000 thanks to these useful indicators.


With adjustable airflow, battery and e-liquid indicators, and a smooth and consistent flavor profile, the AL9000 is sure to deliver an enjoyable and customizable vaping experience. And with a powerful 17 watts and a 5% nicotine level, the AL9000 delivers a smooth and satisfying hit every time.

“We’re happy to be introducing the AL9000 to deliver a high-quality vaping experience to our customers,” said a spokesperson for NOVOBAR. “The design of the AL9000 is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, providing vapers with a comfortable and customizable experience. We are convinced that the AL9000 will surpass their expectations since we are aware that vapers are searching for a product that fulfills their demands and provides a pleasurable experience.”