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Indulge in the delectable world of vaping with the Strawberry Sundae Lost Mary OS5000, a disposable vape that promises to elevate your taste experience to new heights. With a tantalizing blend of sweet strawberries and creamy sundae flavors, this exquisite creation is sure to satisfy your cravings. Let's delve into the Strawberry Sundae Lost Mary OS5000 and explore its impressive features, ensuring you're well-informed before taking your first puff.

Product Features:

  1. Strawberry Sundae Flavor: Prepare to embark on a flavor journey like no other. The lost Mary Strawberry Sundae OS5000 boasts a delightful fusion of ripe strawberries and velvety sundae notes. Each inhale is a symphony of sweetness that tantalizes your taste buds.

  2. 5% Nicotine Salt: Customize your nicotine intake with 5% nicotine salt (50mg/mL), catering to both seasoned vapers and newcomers. With the perfect nicotine concentration, you'll experience smooth, satisfying vaping.

  3. Battery Indicator LED Light: Stay in control of your vaping sessions with the integrated LED indicator light. This feature provides real-time battery status updates, using red (<29%), blue (29–69%), and green (70–100%) lights to indicate remaining battery life, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment.

  4. Mesh Coil Design: The mesh coil design enhances your vaping experience. This cutting-edge technology enhances Strawberry Sundae Lost Mary flavor delivery and vapor production, guaranteeing a rich and Lost Mary Strawberry Sundae flavorful vape with every draw.

  5. Draw-Activation Firing Mechanism: Say goodbye to complicated settings and buttons. The draw-activation firing mechanism offers effortless vaping. You only need to take a puff for the device to activate, making vaping convenient and hassle-free.

  6. Pre-filled with 13mL of Nicotine Salt E-Liquid: Forget about messy refills or replacing cartridges. The Strawberry Sundae Lost Mary OS5000 comes pre-filled with a generous 13mL of premium nicotine salt e-liquid, ensuring extended usage and convenience.

  7. 5000 Puffs per Device: With an impressive puff capacity, this Strawberry Sundae Lost Mary disposable vape offers up to 5000 puffs per device. You can relish the delightful Strawberry Sundae flavor for an extended duration, making it ideal for those who seek long-lasting satisfaction.

  8. Compact and Lightweight: Designed with portability in mind, the Strawberry Sundae Lost Mary vape is compact and lightweight, fitting comfortably in your pocket or purse. It's the perfect companion for on-the-go vaping.

  9. USB-C Charging Port: When it's time to recharge, the device features a convenient USB-C charging port (charger not included), allowing for quick and easy power-ups, ensuring you're always ready for your next vape.

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