VIHO Turbo 10K Disposable Vape - 10000 Puffs

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VIHO Turbo 10K Disposable 5%

Introducing The-All New VIHO Turbo 10K Puff disposable vape, The biggest one yet, featuring all the new tech you will need. The VIHO Turbo 10000 is one of the first smart and big disposables loaded with innovative features such as the smart light Indicator that will take the hassle of guessing and determining how much juice is left in the built in 18mL tank, preventing those harsh burnt hits! The innovative Battery light indicator will let you know your battery status and when you need to give it a recharge. The Viho Turbo features new Duel boost Nexcore Mesh Coil technology that will make it much more longer lasting and a better tasting experience then most other brands, you won’t be disappointed. All powered by a massive 850mAh rechargeable battery and Pre-filled with 18mL of 5%/50mg Salt Nicotine. Integrating all these new awesome features, allows you the user to have a hassle-free vaping experience. Available in 12+ Flavors!


  • Approx. ~ 10000 Puffs
  • Pre-Filled 18mL Tank
  • Battery Light Indicator
  • E-Liquid Light Indicator
  • Duel Mesh Coils
  • Boost Nexcore Technology
  • Light Weight & Portable
  • Disposable Design - Draw Activated
  • USB Type-C Rechargeable
  • Zero Maintenance Required
  • Rechargeable 850mAh Built-In Battery
  • Hand-Held Palm Design 
  • 50mg / 5% Salt Nicotine
  • Anti Leak Technology
  • 12+ Flavors


  • Tobacco - Bold Tobacco
  • Lemon Mint - Lemon | Mint
  • Clear - Menthol Blast
  • Mango Icy - Mango | Menthol
  • Peach Icy - Peach | Menthol
  • LA Mint - Cool Mint Blast
  • Banana Icy - Banana | Menthol
  • Sour Apple Icy - Green Apple | Menthol
  • Watermelon Icy - Watermelon | Menthol
  • Passion Fruit Icy - Passion Fruit | Menthol
  • Strawmelon Icy - Strawberry | Watermelon | Menthol
  • Blue Razz Icy - Blueberry | Raspberry | Menthol