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The Retro Recharge is the smallest rechargeable disposable to come from Hyde but contains one of the biggest puff counts EVER with approximately 4000 puffs! Available in 23 funky fresh options, the design of the Retro features a rubberized 'easy-to-grip' texture, a semi-transparent e-liquid chamber, and a belled drip tip. Although a Micro USB Charger is not included in the packaging.

Product Specifications: 

Battery Capacity: 400mAh (rechargeable)

Puff Count: Approximately 4000 Puffs

Charging: Micro USB Charger (not included)


Sour Apple Ice

Pina Colada

Raspberry Watermelon

Blue Razz Ice

Peach Mango Watermelon

Aloe Grape

Strawberries & Cream

Pineapple Ice

Lush Ice

Banana Ice

Strawberry Banana

Neon Rain

Honeydew Punch

Lemon Crumble

Pineapple Peach Mango

Blue Razz


Pink Lemonade

Strawberry Kiwi

Tropical Gummy

Bananas & Cream


Cola Ice


Hyde Retro Recharge 4000 Puffs

Vaping is one of the most popular recreational activities and having a vape that performs well is an absolute must. Hyde is a brand known for its collection of high-quality vapes and in this article, we are reviewing their Hyde Retro Recharge vape.

The Hyde Retro Recharge is a vape that transforms what it’s like to vape. 

There’s a lot that makes these vapes likable, but before we dive into this Hyde Retro Recharge review, let’s talk about how to know what makes a vape worthwhile. With all of the different vapes out there to choose from, it’s a little tricky to know what to look for in a good vape. 

The vape you select should do more than puff out e-liquid. When searching for a vape, you should seek a device that optimizes your vaping experience and fits with your personal vaping style. This includes a device built to deliver smooth, enjoyable vaping experiences thanks to highly functional technology, one that has a design that you find appealing and high-quality e-liquid in a variety of flavors. You might even look for a vape that has a few other special features, such as being reusable or disposable depending on your preferences. You get all of this and more with the Retro Recharge vape. This vape, by Hyde, has some key features that help it stand out from other vapes in the crowd.


One of the best things about Hyde is their ability to get the technology right on their devices. The Hyde Retro Recharge is no different. Each of these devices includes a 400 mAh battery, like most vapes, that helps power up the device. But unlike most vapes, the Hyde Retro Recharge is a rechargeable device. Thanks to a built-in micro USB port, you can reuse the Hyde Retro Rechargeable as often as necessary. This is a neat feature to have on a vape, as disposable vapes have become super popular over the years but some people prefer more of a sustainable vaping option. The built-in micro USB port helps you hold on to this retro vibe vape as long as possible. So, in the end, it helps you save money too.


Did somebody order a touch of retro? The unique design of the Hyde Retro Recharge is one characteristic you can’t miss. Hyde is known for creating bold and bright vape pens, so you’re likely to have one of the coolest vapes in the crowd if you choose one of their vapes. The Hyde Retro Recharge takes this to the next level with its easy-to-hold, simple, and sleek design. These devices are quite small and in fact, they are one of the smallest vapes offered by this brand. The retro Hyde also features a bell-dripped mouthpiece that gives the device a retro look. As mentioned, you can get this device in different colors, which coordinate with all the different flavors you can choose from, but that’s a category of its own. The design on the retro Hyde is aesthetically pleasing and customizable– adding a touch of retro style to your vape sessions. 

Puff Count

Not only is the Hyde Retro Recharge bold and color and made with nifty tech features, but these devices also contain 10 mL of vape e-liquid. You get approximately 4000 puffs with each pen. If 4000 puffs sound like a lot for a vape, that’s because it is. This isn’t something that you get with any old vape. Hyde does a good job making devices that not only appeal to those that love vaping technology and design but to those who just want a good vape that they can happily puff through for a while. The puff count for the Hyde Retro Recharge is one of the top features of the pen, which is especially great to enjoy with all the Hyde Retro Rechargeable vape flavors. 

From high-performance technology to modern (but retro) design and plenty of puffs of e-liquid, what’s there not to love about the Retro Recharge? In this article, we’re telling you more about this vape including how to use it, where to find the best Hyde Retro price, and some other common questions you may have about this vape, so keep reading.

How do I use the Hyde Retro Recharge 4000 Puffs? 

Whether you vape frequently or consider yourself a beginner, the Hyde Retro Recharge is easy to use. There are a few main components of the vape to know before getting started that will help make using it a breeze. 

First, the Hyde Retro Recharge is usually filled and charged when you purchase it, so you can begin using it immediately. A lot of the controls for the Hyde Retro can be found under its base, or where you hold the device. This is where you will find the activation button, micro USB port, and charging indicator– three main components of this vape to know. Once you know how and when to use each of these components, using the vape becomes a breeze. 

As with all Hyde vapes, hitting this vape is smooth. The bell-dripped mouthpiece on the retro Hyde vape isn’t only stylish but also makes vaping easier. Some vapes come with clunky mouthpieces that hurt your teeth, but the mouthpiece on the Hyde Retro Recharge makes vaping comfortable.

When you’re not using the Hyde vape Retro, there are some proper maintenance guidelines to follow too. As you know, this vape is rechargeable thanks to the built-in micro USB port on each device. The charger itself is not sold with the device though, so you will need to have one when you begin using this device. You can find these just about anywhere that sells chargers. Additionally, properly storing the Hyde Retro Recharge is a necessity to keep it in good condition. These vapes need to be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid damage. 

Overall, the Hyde Retro Recharge instructions are simple no matter your vape experience level, which makes it one of the best vapes to have in your stash. 

Hyde Retro Recharge Flavors: 

The Hyde Retro flavors is one of the best things about this vape. You can enjoy this bold, vintage-feeling vape in 6 different flavors, each available at Vape More Inc. This list of flavors includes… 

Energize - Inspired by energy drinks, the Energize Hyde Retro flavor is a boosting flavor option that combines Red Bull-like flavor and menthol. 

Neon Rain - Neon Rain is a Hyde Retro vape flavor that has been described as a rainbow candy flavor with hints of berry. 

Peach Mango Watermelon - This Hyde Retro flavor is a triple fruit blend made with some of the best summer fruits.  

Power - Power is another Hyde Retro flavor that gives you a revitalizing kick. 

Raspberry Watermelon - Raspberry Watermelon is a Hyde Retro flavor that fuses berry and melon to create a warm-weather vibe. 

Summer Luv - Summer Luv is an exciting Hyde Retro flavor that blends various citrus fruits with a cool hint of ice.  

It may be tough to choose only one from this list of Hyde Retro Recharge flavors, and you don’t have to. Each of these Hyde Retro vape flavors is available at Vape More Inc for an affordable price. You may choose a vape based on the color of the pen or the flavor that sounds best to you, making your vape experience totally customizable. For the best Hyde Retro flavors online, visit Vape More Inc. 

Why choose VapeMoreInc to buy Hyde Retro Recharge

There’s no better place to pick up your vaping essentials than Vape More Inc. vaping pens and accessories made by the leading brands at the best prices —there’s nothing you can’t find at Vape more Inc. they’re a one-stop shop that sells everything you could need online. 

Imagine never having to step foot in another vape shop and having all the best vape essentials delivered right to your door. That’s exactly what you get with this online vape shop. They even carry a variety of Hyde vapes so if you have been searching hyde retro vapes near me, you’re in luck. What makes choosing Vape More Inc even better is being able to get this high-quality vape for a fraction of the price thanks to their affordable prices and occasional deals on select products.

Vape more Inc even fulfills wholesale orders so look no further if you want to find the best Hyde Retro price for bulk orders. Vape More Inc is the place to get legitimate affordable vapes and the shipping process is a breeze. No more surfing the web for good vapes, questioning which vapes are worthwhile, and comparing prices at different places. Vape More Inc simplifies the process tremendously and their Hyde Retro Recharge price is the best that you will find, plus you don’t have to question the legitimacy of your vape. It’s time to spend less time searching and more time vaping, by choosing Vape More Inc.

Hyde Retro Recharge - Frequently Asked Questions

How many hits does a Hyde Retro have? 

The Hyde Retro Recharge vape has more puffs than your average vape. This vape holds 10mL of e-liquid, which translates to approximately 4000 hits per pen.

How long does it take to charge a Hyde Retro? 

At some point, the Hyde Retro vape will need to be recharged, so it’s essential to have a micro-USB charger on hand for that purpose. If the battery on your Hyde Retro is completely drained, it will take at least 30 minutes to recharge the vape. It may take up to an hour to completely charge the vape. You may find that keeping a steady charge rather than letting the vape run out of battery helps you enjoy longer sessions. 

How to use Hyde Retro Recharge? 

To hit the Hyde Retro Recharge, you will need to locate the activate button and simultaneously use the mouthpiece to draw out the e-liquid. 

How to refill a Hyde Retro Rechargeable vape? 

It is possible to refill the Hyde Retro Rechargeable vape and doing so is quite easy. To begin, you must remove the mouthpiece on the device, which can be found at the closer end of the device. The mouthpiece gently screws off, which then slightly exposes the inside of the device. Once the mouthpiece has been removed, you will be able to see if there is e-liquid in the device thanks to the translucent design. To refill the device,  you must remove the small slotted stopper beneath the mouthpiece. This is a small rubber piece that contains a small hole, that helps to contain the e-liquid. To remove the stopper, you may safely use some type of tool that allows you to remove the stopper, which is suctioned against the vape, or use your fingernail. Once you remove the stopper, you will be able to successfully see inside the vape and refill it. 

When refilling the Hyde Retro Rechargeable vape, be sure that you have selected a compatible vape e-liquid to ensure that the device will function properly once it has been refilled. Once the device is filled, replace the stopper to hold in the liquid and gently screw the mouthpiece on and you are all set!

How much does a Hyde Retro cost? 

One of the best things about the Hyde Retro is its affordability. The Vape More Inc price for the Hyde Retro Recharge vape is unbeatable, especially for a higher quality vape. You can purchase the Hyde Retro for less than $20.00 on the Vape More Inc. website. 

How to know when Hyde Retro is charged? 

As you know, one of the best features of the Hyde Retro is that it is rechargeable. While the device is charging, you will notice a small blinking red light. This light flashes as the battery remain low on the device and it is an indication that it is charging. Once the Hyde Retro pen has a sufficient charge on the battery, you will notice that this blinking red light will stop. This is an indication that the device is charged. Following this, you can then remove the charger and use the device as you wish. The Hyde retro recharge time is approximately 30 minutes to an hour. 

How do I activate the Hyde Retro? 

Activating the Hyde Retro Recharge only requires two steps. Before activating the device, it’s important that you know that it is prefilled prior to use. Most commonly, these vapes are filled prior to use and do not require any type of assembling before activation. The first step to activating the Hyde Retro vape is locating the activation button on the device. Found at the base of the vape, the activation is used to power the device. When the device is charged, you can power on the device to use it. Once the device has been powered on, you can then use the device. This button must be on to power the device and the device will not activate if the pen is not sufficiently charged. 

Can you recharge a Hyde Retro? 

The Hyde Retro is rechargeable. Each device includes a micro USB port for charging at the base of the device. To charge the device, you will need to supply a compatible charger, which is sold separately. 

How long do the Hyde Retro Recharge 4000 Puffs last? 

Each device contains approximately 4000 puffs, so you can expect a longer duration with the Hyde Retro Recharge before you have to refill the device. It could potentially take a few months to puff through all of the e-liquid in these devices. This duration will vary depending on how often the device is used though. If the device is used frequently, then you can expect to burn through the e-liquid at a quicker rate. 

Why is my Hyde retro leaking? 

If your Hyde Retro is leaking, then that is an indication that there is a chance that the device could be damaged. If you notice a leak, first check for any cracks or breaks in the device. This could be a result of the device being dropped or stored improperly. In the event that you do notice a crack in the vape, discontinue using it. If the vape is not broken or damaged, another potential cause for a leak could be that the vape has been assembled incorrectly. This may occur if you have recently refilled the device with more eliquid. If this is the case, simply reassemble the device properly and the issue should be resolved. 

Why does my Hyde Retro taste burnt? 

A common issue with vapes is the flavor occasionally changing. The Retro Hyde flavors start out very robust, but if you notice that it starts to taste burnt, it could be time for some vape maintenance. This change in flavor could be an indication that the device is empty or near empty. When the device still has a charge, but little to no eliquid, the device continues to heat and produces a burnt taste. If the Hyde Retro burnt flavor persists after refilling the device, give the vape a few puffs to help the new eliquid disperse. 

How to fix a burnt hyde retro? 

To resolve the issue of a Hyde Retro vape with a burnt taste, the eliquid needs to be refilled. Despite the device being rechargeable, there will come a time when it runs out of juice. This is more than likely the cause of the burnt flavor that occurs with the device. You will need to properly disassemble the device and refill it with more eliquid to fix this issue. Eliquid for this vape is sold separately.

Why isn't my Hyde retro hitting? 

The Hyde Retro could stop hitting if the device is either empty or needs to be charged. You will know that the device is empty if the flavor changes drastically to a burnt or charred taste, or after prolonged use of the device. Similarly, the device will stop hitting if the battery is low. If neither of these reasons is the cause of a device that is no longer operating, the device may be damaged and need to be replaced altogether. If the vape has been improperly stored or damaged in some way, please discontinue using it. 

Why is my Hyde retro blinking? 

The Hyde Retro vape may blink when they’re in need of a charge. This will be indicated by a small blinking red light on the base of the device. Once the device has been completely charged, the blinking should stop. If the device is blinking while the battery is completely charged, check to ensure that you have enough eliquid in the device and that the device is properly assembled.

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