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Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter

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Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter

About Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter

Yocan has been known for innovating the industry with products that break the boundaries between affordability and reliability. However, the Chinese vaporizer brand has been charting a new course in its path to changing the global vaporizer landscape by introducing products from its sub-brands such as the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter. 

The Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter is designed and engineered to eliminate the odor (and in such a way) of the harmful downsides of the smoke or vapor we exhale as we draw from our pipes or vaporizers. In doing so, the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter can allow smokers and vaporizer users alike not only to discreetly consume their favorite herbs and wax concentrates but also to minimize their environmental footprint. 

Check out some other advantages you can reap by getting yourself a Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter. 

Four-stage HEPA Filter

The Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter is equipped with a four-stage high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that effectively filters the smoke or vapor you blow into the device. In addition, the said filter is fitted with activated coconut carbon. The combination of these two technologies ensures that you can consume your favorite materials without causing any scene or inconvenience to the people around you. 

We all know that vaping and smoking in public comes with the stigma that you are causing harm to the people surrounding you and the environment. And while that is true (as second and third-hand smoke can actually cause negative effects to people and the environment) Yocan has made such a product that can create an amenable compromise between smokers or vapers and the general non-smoking or non-vaping public. 

The Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter can easily eliminate the odor as well as the impurities that come with your smoke or vapor. That said, you can easily reap the benefits of your favorite herbs, wax concentrates, and oils all without depriving others of breathing clean and fresh air. 

For years, HEPA filters have been widely recognized in various industries, which include (but are not limited to) the automotive industry, the pharmaceutical sector, the food industry, and the electronics industry. Now, Yocan is bringing this technology to rthe vaporizer and smoking industry and allow its consumers to enjoy the advantages of using such a product. 

This way, the smoke or vapor is trapped inside the filter and is replaced by clean air. We’re sure that not only you will like it but your friends and family will thank you for it. 

Simple and Straightforward

The Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter is simple and straightforward to use. 
All it takes is for you to do your part in helping the environment is to blow the smoke in the filter and the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter will do the rest. There’s literally no need for you to setup anything or play with controls. It’s a device that requires no setup, no adjustment, and no tinkering. 

On that note, the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter is great for beginners who want an air filter they can use without learning anything new. Also, it would be great for seniors and old vaporizer users who want to ensure that they will not harm the people around them as well as the environment. 

100 Percent Decomposable Cartridge

Yocan’s newest sub-brand, Yocan Green, is all about discretion, efficiency, and sustainability. That said, the actual Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter is made with a 100 percent decomposable filter cartridge. 

In line with Yocan Green’s advocacy, the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter features 100 percent decomposable materials so it will not harm the environment after it has reached the end of its life cycle. In this way, not only are you helping in keeping the air clean but also do not contribute to the harm done by dumping hard-to-decompose materials in our landfill. This makes the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter the perfect companion for earth-friendly vapers and smokers. 

Yocan knows that the current trend in various industries (the vaping industry included) is going green. Many brands are now showing and activating initiatives that are friendly towards mother earth. And because the brand has learned a lot from its decade-long experience as a leading company in the vaporizer business, it knows that it’s high time to not only join this trend but also to become one of the driving forces to further improve one’s vaping experience and to again change the outlook of the public to vaporizer users and smokers in general. 

A Soft, Silicone Body

The Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter comes packaged with a soft silicone case that makes it perfect as a travel air filter. Being one of the first personal air filters in the industry to date, the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter offers its would-be owners a portable accessory that they can take with them almost anywhere they go. 

Instead of having to stay at home and use your smoke paraphernalia or vaporizer in a closed and confined area, you can use the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter when you go out on the weekend with friends, to the mountains to take a hike, or to the beach to relax. 

Its soft and squishy shell means that the actual air filter is protected while other vape devices and smoking accessories will not be damaged when you put them with the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter in the same bag. 

The Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter is your newest smoking and vaping buddy that can help you minimize the odor and harmful effects of the smoke or vapor you put out during your sessions. Make sure to get on today only here at Yocan Vaporizer.

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